>Week 1 – 28 May

>So, I made it to the USA safely. The plane trip (16 hours) was pretty awful. I spent four and a half days at au pair training school in Long Island. It was good. I met a lot of really cool people from all around the world, including 5 au pairs from SA.

I celebrated my twentieth birthday on Tuesday and I thought it’d be just a regular day, since I don’t know anyone that well here. But in arts and crafts that day, the male au pair from SA made me a card and got all the South African au pairs to sign it, and he got his parents (who own Incredible Connection in SA) to FedEx a really nice necklace from New York for me. That night we had the international sing a long, where every country had to get up and sing a song as a group, and at the end they sang Happy Birthday to me and few other au pairs who were celebrating their birthdays this week. Then to end it all off, later that evening we went for a walk to the local pub …

On Thursday we went into New York City, it was really great, but a lot to take in, in a short amount of time! We saw….
The Rockefeller Centre?
Time Square
The statue of liberty
Ground Zero (drove past)
Empire State Building
Trump Towers (drove past)
Fifth Avenue 😛 (walked around during free time)
It was a great experience!!

Then on Friday we took buses to our host families. My bus journey was roughly 7 hours long. But a great family was waiting for me when I arrived, so that made it worth while!! When I arrived at the actual house, there were balloons by the driveway and in my bedroom! Very welcoming!! They are really great!

Tomorrow we are celebrating A’s (one of three host children) 8th birthday! And my birthday! We’re having a cook out. (braai :P)

America so far…
Great! The area where I stay is really quaint! I’ll try and send some pictures of the street and neighborhood soon!
The taps are very different!! 😛 it takes a while to figure out what you’re supposed to do! Really! Sounds weird, but a lot of them are different! At the school, u turned one way for hot and the other for cold and u tilt it to come out. Here at ‘home’ the more u turn the hotter it gets and u have to lift it up for the water to come out!! 😛

My room is really nice! I have my own computer(and it’s a really good computer) with internet….speakers….webcam….!!! I have a great dresser and closet! CD player….huge bed! Telephone!

Well…that’s all for now….I’ll try and send some pictures soon!!
Love to all!


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