>Week 10 – 30 July

>30 July 2006

So, things have been relatively quiet this side!

My host family has had family over from Arizona this past week. And they’re here for this coming week too. They’re really nice and remind me of family back home. We went to the science center on Friday. It was surprisingly fun. We have nothing like it back home.
I have also been told by almost every member of the family that I am their favourite au pair. I’ve been compared to Mary Poppins even!! 😛

I am very happy here, I know I say that every time, but I cannot stress enough how great the family is. I always said that how good the year was gonna be, would depend greatly on which family I ended up with, and I’ve got a great family. I fit in perfectly!! 🙂

It’s so cool … the other day I turned into our street and there was this huge deer crossing the street!!! It was awesome!! I was so excited…M thought I was nuts, she was like, “It’s just a deer”. And the other morning, I was checking my email and I looked out the window, and there was a squirrel running along the fence!

I went to the drive – thru bank the other day…you read correctly, the drive – thru bank!! It was awesome!! U put your stuff in a little tube thing and it gets sucked up a plastic tube to the teller … was fun!! 🙂

We’re going to the beach for a week on Saturday. In Delware. C (my host dad) has a house down there. That should be fun.
Our trip to London is booked for the 1st of September. I’m very excited and grateful for that!!! 🙂

I’ve registered for my college classes yesterday. I’m taking Beginning Spanish, Scuba Technique, Scuba Lecture and a hip hop dance class. Very exciting stuff!! I’m going to be very busy! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening classes and Saturday afternoon classes.

Ummm….well, I think that is all the news I have for the time being. I hope that this finds everyone well!!!
Love Bon


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