>Week 13 – 20 August (Weekend in DC)

20 August 2006

This week was good, not terribly eventful…

But I did go into Washington on Tuesday night, because Lyndell was here from New York for a few days. So we went out to dinner, which was good fun. I took the metro into the city, not the first time on the metro, but the first time alone. But it was easy enough, pretty exciting actually.
I sucked that we only had a few hours, we basically spoke non stop the whole time, about friends back home and how we’re coping here, everything really. Was just what I needed…an old friend to just talk to about stuff! Oh, and we also took some pictures near the Whitehouse.

This weekend, was very cool! 🙂
Brian, my very wealthy friend, came down to Washington for the weekend. He checked into a really nice hotel in DC itself.

We (Marion and I) ended up spending the whole weekend there. Went out on Friday and Saturday night…
We also went to the zoo on Saturday, which was really fun. We saw the famous Panda’s! I’ll try and set up some more pictures on my yahoo photo account.

There was a dance show on Fox this summer ‘So you think you can dance?’ which I got into with my host parents. It was a competition for amateur dancers, similar to American Idols. Marion and I are going to go and see the top ten dancers, they are going on tour soon. So I’m excited about that!!

I can’t think of anything else really that I did this week!

Take Care,
Love Bonita


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