>Week 14 – 27 August

>27 August 2006


This past week was very trying!! The boys were… energetic. I had a couple of really bad days, but just kept thinking of this coming week. They go back to school tomorrow. So, it’ll just be M and I for most of the day again, which is much easier and less stressful!

Also, this week…
Brian offered to fly Emmanuel ( who, for those of you who don’t know, is a really good ‘friend’ of mine) to London from South Africa, to meet us there. Little did we realise how difficult it would be to get him on a flight at such short notice… so most of my week has been spent stressing and trying REALLY hard to make it happen! I cant believe I’m going to London, but the thought of sharing it with someone so close to me…wow, it’d just be even better!! But, so far, no luck. It’s definitely not for lack of trying though! And, we’re going to try until the last minute! 😛

It’s been a great weekend for female bonding though! 🙂 Marion and I have spent a lot of time together and we seem to be pretty similar! We have fun together! We went to see Step Up at the cinema on Friday night (more about that later) , on Saturday night we took the metro into DC again and went to a different club, ‘Home’, which was fun, but we’ve decided we prefer ‘Fur’. Then today we just chilled and had ice –cream (Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream, which is SO good!!) and tonight we watched Final Destination 3 downstairs in the movie theatre. It was better than I thought, but a little bit over the top with the blood and gore!!

I start my first class on Tuesday; scuba lecture. Should be interesting.
Hmmm…Oh yeah…Step Up.
It’s a new release… a dance movie. Very good. But more importantly…some of it was filmed here in Maryland, Baltimore to be more specific! So if you can, when it comes out in S.A, go and see it! 🙂 I thought that was pretty cool.
Oh, and also, the hip hop dance class I’m taking is being choreographed by one of the dancers in the movie. He’s only in like, 3 scenes, but it’s still awesome!! He has one of the lead actor’s phone numbers and everything!! 😛 ha ha ha!

Well, I leave for Boston really early on Friday morning, and then, Brian and I leave for London on Friday evening. We get back Tuesday evening! So, by about Thursday the following week, week 15 should be out! 😉

Love to all,


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