Week 17 and 18 – 01 October (Hershey Park)

01 October 2006

Week 18 already… I have been in the USA for 4 months and 10 days! I have lived away from my mom and most of my friends for a year and 12 days. Weird.

Last week was pretty busy I guess. Monday night was day two of hip hop class… it was fun!! 🙂

Thursday was day one of the hip hop class at the college…and wow…what did I get myself into?!!? I’m so glad Marion is doing it with me! It’s going to be loads of fun though, intense, but fun! 🙂 It’s full on hip hop… raw hip hop. We’re going to be learning actual hip hop moves… like ‘The chicken head’ ‘Jump rope’ etc… haha!!

I had most of Friday off, so I went shopping with Marion and then on Friday night we watched ’10 Things I hate about you’ and had pizza! 🙂

Saturday, scuba classes again. Once again, lots of fun!! We did different ways of getting into the water with all our gear on, was kinda scary, especially walking in… but I managed ok.

Then Saturday night, Marion and I went to Charles’ house (he is Odette’s boyfriend) and we had a little surprise get together for her birthday. (Odette’s) we had pizza, watched ‘She’s the man’ and played board games. Was actually really fun! 🙂

Sunday I spent chatting to a new friend online! 😉 Then we had an au pair meeting, which was fun, we have a new LCC (Local Care Coordinator) she’s lots of fun and personable. After that, Odette, Marion and I went to movies. We saw the poster for a new movie, although none of us had any idea what it was about, it had good actors in, so we saw it…what a mistake!!! ‘All the Kings Men’ is about politics!! It was such a long, slow movie. I will say that it was kind of interesting, but still, not very good!!

This week went by quickly… Monday night was hip hop dance class again…fun as always. Tuesday night was the season premiere of Gilmore girls!! 🙂 yay!!

Wednesday night, my first Spanish class!! Wow! I didn’t quite realize what I got myself into!! It’s going to definitely be tough! But fun, I guess!! I’m the youngest person in my class, by about 10 years!! 😛

Thursday night was supposed to be hip hop dance class number 2 at the college, but our instructor was sick, so it was cancelled! Marion and I went and had ice cream instead!

Friday night Marion and I had pizza and watched ‘Stick It’. It was a pretty funny movie. Marion spent the night.

Saturday!!! Wow!! What an awesome day!!! We went to Hershey park!! On most of the roller coasters, there are camera’s that take your picture, and at the end of the ride, you can see the picture and buy it.
Here are the rides that I went on, in order of when I went on them.

Wild mouse:
Time: 1min 58secs
Speed: 28mph (45km per hour)
Maximum Drop: 50 feet (15m)
Length of track: 1214feet (0.4km)
Built in: 1999

“As it careens around corners, riders of the Wild Mouse have the illusion that they will fall off the edge of the track, providing yet another thrill for coaster lovers of all ages.”

The wild mouse was the first ride we went on, we were told it was quite mild! Holy crap!!! You feel like you’re going to go flying off the edge!! For my very first roller coaster…this was terrifying!! The picture at the end was really really funny!!! I was terrified the whole time…had my eyes closed most of the time because it was so high! Did not enjoy it at all.

Wild Cat:
Time: 1min 15secs
Speed: 48mph (77km per hour)
Maximum drop: 85 feet drop (26m)
Length of track: 3100 feet (length) 1km
Built in: 1996

“This wooden roller coaster sends people barreling over hills and bumps at speeds of 45 miles per hour.”

This one was my least favorite one! My host dad C convinced me to go on it. It knocks you around…and my legs are all bruised up because of it too. It was SO scary!! I was terrified the whole time and had my eyes shut!! I just wanted it to end!! The longest minute and 15 seconds of my life!!! The picture at the end … haha! It looked like I was trying to melt into my seat, and it looked like I was about to cry! Very funny! But the ride, awful!!

Lightening racer:
Time: 1min 20secs
Speed: 50mph (80.5km per hour)
Maximum drop: 90 feet (27m)
Length of track: 6,800 feet (2km)
Built in: 2000

“The first wooden racing/dueling coaster in the United States, LIGHTNING RACER is a double-track wooden roller coaster with two staggered lifts approximately 90 feet for each lift. The ride is constructed with Southern Yellow Pine wood.”

This was my favorite ride! After the wild cat I was almost put off going on anymore! But, my host mom and dad convinced me to go on this one with them and Marion. It was pretty scary! Ok, it was very scary! But I enjoyed it. I opened my eyes most of the time. The picture at the end was pretty funny, T bought it for me. I’m screaming and it does kind of look like I might cry… I ended up going on it 3 times! It was a lot of fun! J

Time: 1min 15secs
Length of Track: 1,600feet(0.5km)
Built in: 1974

This ride is very mild, M went on it too, and she’s 4! 😛 I loved it though. I put my hands in the air and everything!! It wasn’t a slow pathetic ride though, like I thought it might be…it goes pretty fast around in a spiral! Lots of fun!

Great bear :
Time: 2 mins 15 secs
Speed: 61 miles per hour (98km per hour)
Maximum drop: 124 feet (38m)
Built in: 1998

“GREAT BEAR is an exhilarating, looping, inverted steel coaster. You ride below the track, not above it. The ride starts by lifting you 90 feet off the ground. It will then speed up to 61 miles per hour (nearly a mile a minute) as it rips down the tracks, through a loop then into what is called an immelman – a loop that turns you out at the top and then drops you like a falling star! Then you will cross the SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER, make an “S” turn before returning to earth.”

OK, this ride…was….wow! My host dad and host grandmother were trying to convince me to go on it the whole day! And I was adamant that I wouldn’t, then 8 yr old A said he was going on it, so I pretty much had to. If he could…I could! It was SO scary!! 2 loops…and it twirls you upside down… I closed my eyes when we went down the first drop… and then I opened them, and just saw the ground beneath me…so I closed them again and didn’t open them until the end!! It was very scary… going upside down was weird. But, it was fun! And I’m very glad I did it! 🙂

After that we went on a little ride that shows how chocolate is made. (Hershey is the leading brand of chocolate here.) That was pretty cool too. I didn’t take too many pictures during the day…but I will put up the ones I did take soon…along with pictures of the house and neighborhood where I live.

Today, Marion and I went into Annapolis(Maryland’s capital) for the October Festival. Basically it’s a German street market. We made ourselves a bracelet each at one stall and we had our caricatures drawn at another. (basically a picture of you as a cartoon character). It was a nice relaxing afternoon.
So far we have no plans for tonight, and I don’t think we’ll do anything, we had a long busy day yesterday and our muscles are still recovering!!

Hope everyone is doing fine!
Love to all…
P.S: anyone who knows and cares about my mom… she needs some support … ‘IT’S’ happening again…


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