>Week 19 – 08 October

08 October 2006

So… we’re in week 19 now. There are 52 weeks in a year, so there are 33 weeks left. But, I’m hoping to stay longer, as most of you already know.

This week was SO busy! I didn’t know if I was coming or going! Monday was a Jewish holiday, so the boys didn’t have school. So I had all three kids all day. It wasn’t too bad.
Monday night, hip hop dance class at the studio- fun as always.

Tuesday was good. I didn’t mention, but some time last week I took M to a play group in the neighborhood, which was at one of the mother’s houses. There were about 8-10 mothers there, with their children. It was good fun though.

Wednesday night was day 2 of Spanish class… it went pretty well I guess.

Thursday night I had hip hop at the college for an hour (it was loads of fun!) and straight after that I had to go to the pool to do 2 make up classes for scuba for last week when I went to Hershey Park. I had to do a quiz, and I had an assignment due. Then my instructor Mark gave me a shortened version of the lecture I missed. Then I spent 2 hours in the water making up for the technique class I missed. So… I left home at like 5.45pm and got back home at 10.30pm. Needless to say I was very tired!

Friday was good, and Friday night I went out to dinner with T, the kids and my host grandfather, which was nice. Then Marion and I watched ‘Just my luck’. It was very funny. 😛

Saturday I had scuba class… wow! I was so worn out by the end of the technique class. We did so many snorkeling drills, etc.
I joined an online dvd club a few weeks ago, and the DVD’s I ordered arrived yesterday, so last night I watched ‘Wild America’ with the kids and T. In about 7th grade me and my friends would go over to Sam’s house and watch movies, and normally we either watched ‘Wild America’ or ‘The Ghost and the Darkness’ and sometimes Sam won and we watched ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘The Titanic’. 🙂
So, it was really nice to share the movie with the kids, well, mostly with N, it was a little scary for A. (M went to bed)

Today Marion and I went to the mall and had lunch, then we came back to my house and watched ‘The Butterfly Effect’ (another DVD I bought). Tomorrow, I have the day off, it’s Columbus Day and T is off work, but the boys have school!
I don’t have any plans, will probably just spend the day relaxing!:)

I’m sorry this week has been pretty eventless; I’ve just been very busy with college work. And I’ve been pretty distracted with stuff back home. All in all, it’s been a hard week… but things can only get better from here!!

Love to all!



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