>Week 2 – 04 June (First Visit to DC)

>So, I’ve been here for two weeks now. I’m feeling at home now… getting used to the routine and waking up early 😛

This week has been quite busy… Monday was a public holiday (Memorial day) and we spent it mostly outside by the pool. Tuesday was my first official work day! But B (my host grandmother) spent the day with me…it went something like this:
6.30am Woke up
7.00am Went down to kitchen and unpacked dishwasher and supervised breakfast. Made the boys a sandwich each.
7.15am B came over to take M to pre school.
7.45am Walked the boys to the bus stop.
8.15am The bus collected the boys. Went with B to her house. Went to the bank with her husband and opened an account. Went back to their house.
10.00am Went with B to collect M. Went to social security office and collected forms. Went ‘home’ (B came with).
1.00pm Had lunch with M and B.
1.30pm Put M down for a nap.
3.00pm Walked and met the boys at the bus stop.
3.15pm Beth and I made the boys a snack…N went and woke M up from her nap…
3.45pm The boys started their homework. B went home.
4.30pm The children’s dad collected them for dinner. And their mom arrived home.
My work day officially ended! 🙂

Wednesday was quite similar….except the bank and social security,etc. We did go to a little end of year (school year) party at M’s pre school and B left after I put M down for a nap.
Thursday and Friday were similar, except M didn’t go school. She’s now on summer vacation. And B didn’t come over.
The boys go on vacation on June 12th. So my days will get quite hectic soon! 😛

On Saturday I went with the family to watch the boys play soccer at a tournament…we were there from 8.30am – 3pm. A very long day. The weather was not ideal…it was raining intermittently and the wind was very cold. But it was all in all an enjoyable day!
Some evenings we get really big storms…with lots of rain, wind ,lightening and thunder. Not quite as bad as jhb storms though!

Today we went to Washington DC. It was really amazing…didn’t get to experience everything though…will have to go back sometime on my own with a friend…the children get tired and the best way to see everything is to walk around…and we walked for about 3 hours today already.

After Washington I went to an au pair social/meeting with some of the au pairs from my area. We hung out by the pool and chatted…it was quite nice. I’m sure I’ll be making friends with a few of them! One of the girls is from South Africa and she’s just begun her second year.

Oh well…I think that’s all for now. Hope everyone is doing well! I’m doing great…missing everyone at home though!
Love to all…


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