>Week 20 – 15 October (Corn Maze)

15 October 2006

Week 20! 😛

This week, again, pretty eventless…

Monday, like I said last week, I had off. I went and booked a wet suit to rent for my check out dives on the 27th and 28th of October.
Also had hip hop, we’re learning a new dance… it’s lots of fun!! Highly entertaining!

Wednesday was Spanish…

Thursday was college hip hop… where we learnt ‘crazy legs’! Hahahah!!! It’s fun though. I can feel myself getting more flexible with all the dance classes and the scuba diving! Which is awesome!!

Friday night I went to the movies with Matthew (a guy I met online), Marion and Alonzo (the guy she’s kind of dating). We saw the Grudge 2! Very scary!!!

Saturday, 2nd last scuba class… and Saturday night I was so tired and worn out that I just watched Mary Poppins with M, T and C, and then fell asleep watching ‘Without a paddle’.

Today, Marion and I went and got ourselves lost in a corn maze! 🙂 It was loads of fun… I’ve put a couple of pictures up on my yahoo photo’s page.

One thing I forgot to mention a couple weeks back… the night that we didn’t have hip hop dance class, because our instructor was sick… there was a tornado….
It went right by the college, so if we had gone to class…. Who know’s what would’ve happened!! I thought that was pretty scary, and exciting, I guess.

This coming week the boys have Friday off… I have my scuba finals on Saturday, and I am going to the Baltimore Aquarium with Matthew.
Oh, a little bit about Matthew, he’s 23, works for NASA, is from Pennsylvania and he’s just a friend! 😉

Take care everyone… love and hugs to all!


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