>Week 22 – 30 October (Scuba weekend)

30 October 2006

Carrying on from last week… we went to see the top 10 dancers from the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ perform on their tour last Monday night. It was great!! I only started watching the show from about the top15 dancers, since that was when I arrived, so I had become quite a fan of the top 10! Watching them dance… it’s like… I can feel their excitement and passion, since I LOVE dancing too. It was almost sad to leave, because when you watch people on TV for so long, you begin to believe you know them and their struggles and successes become a part of your life… it’s weird… 😛 but it was awesome!! We bought t-shirts too! I’ll put some pics up soon… we didn’t take any pics of the dancers… since I wanted to focus on watching them dance, and I guess it’s just as well, otherwise I’d give away the top 10 to those of you in S.A who are have just started watching it!

Thursday night Marion and I went to a club in DC and saw Ciara perform live… the club was really nice, and it was a lot of fun… but it was also kind of crazy… too many people… but, it was a good night out!! 🙂

Friday night I went to bed at like 9pm… then woke up at 3am and got stuff together and headed over to Sarah’s house, where we left at 4.30am for Lake Rawling in Virginia.
We arrived at 7.30am…. and I did my FIRST ever proper dive at about 9am.

It was so cool!! It was pretty cold…so we had full wetsuits with hoods and everything! When we got down to the platform there were a whole bunch of cool fish… it was so exciting seeing our first ‘underwater fish’!! Then, once we had done a couple of drills, we went on a tour of the quarry. They have sunk a bunch of things in the lake; to make it more fun… there’s a school bus…which we went into…. And all sorts of dummies and 2 ships (one of which was the boat in the movie ‘The Replacements’ with Keeanu Reeves) and a car…

After our first dive, we had lunch, then did another dive…. it was awesome reaching 40 feet!! (12 metres)

That night we all had dinner at a nearby restaurant. Then I spent the night in a hotel (very nice).

The second day we did another two dives… where we went below 40 feet and therefore below the thermo cline! (So it was a whole lot colder) On the first dive of the day we went to 60 feet!! (18 metres) which was very exciting! 🙂
The person I ‘buddied’ with took a bunch of pictures with an underwater camera, and I will be getting some digital copies of those from her, and I’ll put them up on my yahoo photo’s page.

So, that was my weekend… very fun and exciting!! J Diving is the most amazing experience… on of the guys in the group compared it to sky diving, but he said it was better, because instead of falling, it feels like you’re flying!! Which I completely agree with… looking down into darkness and swimming is … indescribable really. It’s so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time!! Loads of fun!! 🙂

Tomorrow night is Halloween… I’m very excited! I’ll take lots of photos!
Also this week, we’re going to see Disney Princesses on Ice!:) And we’re going out for Marion’s birthday! So, more fun in store!!

Oh, and daylight saving time has ended here now, so I’m now 7 hours behind everyone in South Africa!

Hope everyone is doing excellently! 🙂
Love and hugs to all…


P.S: since its Halloween tomorrow…here’s something pretty freaking I found out on Saturday night…
I was watching TV in my hotel room before dinner, and ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was on… it was filmed in a wood in Maryland!!! How cool/freaky is that!?!?!? 😛


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