>Week 23 – November 05 (Halloween)

05 November 2006

Ok, so this week was pretty good…

Monday night I went for coffee with Matthew … was good.

Tuesday was Halloween… which was cool…Marion and I were going to go to a club all dressed up, but when the night actually arrived, we didn’t really feel like it… so, I just went trick or treating with the kids… got all dressed up though! 🙂
As I think I mentioned, I dressed up like a vampire…

Trick or treating was cool… the whole neighbourhood is out and about… and some people really go all out with the decorations… it was fun! And M was so cute, running from house to house saying trick or treat! Dressed up like Shrek! 🙂
It was fun!

Wednesday night was Spanish…
Thursday night was hip hop dance class at the college…. Which was fun… then we went for dinner and went to see a movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ with Kirsten Dunst…it was pretty good!!

Friday was Marion’s birthday! We went out to a club in DC… had a good night out! 🙂

Saturday we went to see Disney Princesses on Ice…it was very cool!! 🙂 I know it seems lame, but it was fun… you have to keep in mind that I was a little girl once … 🙂 It was nice to be reminded about what was important when we were young…and what our dreams were probably like… all the true love and princesses and princes… it was nice!: )

Then we went to Marion’s ‘house’ and had dinner and cake and then we watched a dvd here- ‘Friends with Money’. It was pretty good.

Today I just vegged out and chatted to some old friends! 😉 Marion and I are going to watch another dvd a little later… probably ‘The Breakfast Club’ or something….

Anyway…. I hope everyone is doing well …. Love to all….miss ya’ll! 🙂

Love Bonita

PS: I’m sorry, I will put up some pics soon!!


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