Week 3 – 18 June

>Ok, week three! 🙂

It was mostly a good week… had my first serious case of homesickness…but that was mostly brought upon because of a lack of communication with someone special…but I learnt a lesson and feel stronger because of it. I cannot rely on hearing from home everyday. I have to be happy without it, and when I do hear from home, I’ll be even happier! 😛 hope that makes sense to everyone else, oh well!

Monday I watched M do tap and ballet….very cute!! 🙂 The rest of the week was pretty uneventful… The boys have been a little difficult lately because they have extra energy, because school is nearly over. And I had to put M in her first time out(well…it wasn’t her first, more like my first!) on Friday…that was not fun. But oh well.

The boys get to write a story and the school makes it into a book for them…hard covered. And they get to do illustrations and everything. Then, they have an author’s tea and they get to invite someone and A has invited me to his tomorrow! So, I’m very honored and excited for that!

The insurance company my host parents were on required me to get my Maryland drivers license before I got added… and we’ve discovered that it’s almost impossible for me to get a license here because of the disorganization of the DMV. So, they are switching insurance companies and I can officially, legally drive as of Tomorrow.

So, yesterday I drove to the mall and back (with T in the car with me!). It wasn’t that bad. But I drove her car/van which is automatic, so I had to concentrate a little less. The most difficult part is judging the size of the car from the other side…I always feel like I’m going to hit postboxes or parked cars! 😛 The traffic lights are a little different…you can treat the red traffic light as a stop sign if you’re turning right! But generally, the rules are the same.
Oh, and when T told me we were going to take the next exit on the highway…I said “Ok, so I should get into the left lane now, right?” but of course….their exits are on the right hand side. Ha-ha! I’ll get there!

So, my day at the mall yesterday…it was great. Yes, I went by myself… I could’ve gone with Odette (The au pair from South Africa that I met last week) but I couldn’t connect to the internet this morning or last night, so I didn’t get her email till I got home from the mall!
But, I went the movies (saw X-Men3) and I had lunch at Subway and did some shopping! 🙂

The movie theater was great!! So much leg room and the chairs are almost like lazy boys…they move back and adjust etc! Very nice!! The mall was great too! SO many shops! With just about everything you could imagine!! So many designer shops! I was so so tempted to buy a pair of shoes…many different shoes actually! Brand name shoes are so cheap here! Well, for me, because I’m earning dollars. But I figured that if I bought shoes whenever I wanted, I’d have to buy an extra suitcase and pay loads, to bring them all back! Because I’d end up buying a pair (or two) for everyday day of the week!!! 😛

I ended up spending a lot of money at the mall! But the most expensive thing I bought was a nail care kit… other things I bought…rolling stones t-shirt, stars and stripes bikini, nail polish and of course lunch and the movie ticket.

Another arbitrary thing here…the postal service. You can mail things from you’re post box! You just put the envelope with the stamp on, or the package, in your own post box and the mail man/lady will collect it and it gets posted! How convenient! 🙂

My host family really is so great! My host mom asked me on Friday how I was doing, and she asked if I’ve been feeling homesick, and as I said, it was a tough week for me, so I said I was a little homesick, and she asked if there was anything they could do. And she said that she’d check in with me every so often to see how I was doing!
On Friday night C and T went out for dinner (the kids were at their dad’s for the evening) and on their way home they stopped for ice-cream and they phoned me from the store and got me some too! I thought that was really nice of them! I sat and chatted for quite a while with T while we ate ice-cream.

I really love the way they are bringing up their kids. I’m glad I’ve got a host family whose morals etc I agree with! It definitely makes things easier!
I’m feeling very at home and comfortable.
I’m especially glad that I can use the car now; at least I can do things during the weekend! 🙂

Well…today’s been mostly just relaxing with the family. Very nice. They’re fun, reminds me a little of my family gatherings at home. (Don’t worry…they’re not as funny as you granddad or tom! 🙂 )

That’s about all the news I can think of at the moment! Hope everyone’s well! Miss you all!
Send my love to everyone!

Love Bon


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