Week 4 – 18 June (Beginning of summer vacation)

>18 June 2006

Wow! Week four already!!

This week has really just flown by! I can’t believe it! It was a good week! Quite busy, but all in all, good! 🙂

Monday was the boys last day in second and fourth grade! And it was the day I went to A’s author’s tea.
I was meant to drive there and back…however, a little unfortunate event occurred…

We were getting ready to go to the bus stop and since it was raining I decided we’d drive there. I asked N (10) if he could get M’s (3) car seat ready while I put her coat on. About 5 minutes later, he walked in and said “I have just done something that I think everyone who has ever had a car has done.” I, being one of those unfortunate people myself, then said “You locked the keys in the car, didn’t you?” And yes, he had! It was a wonderful way to start the week… a wet walk to the bus!
Luckily my host grandparents are members of the AAA (the American AA) and they got the keys out later that morning.

My host-grandmother dropped me at the school for the author’s tea. The tea was really cute! Their schools are really nice. It’s weird to see the halls with lockers; it’s the kind of thing I’m used to seeing only in movies!

Later that day I drove all three children to the swimming pool for the boys swim team practice. The drive was good. I remembered the way and coped very well! (If I say so myself) 😉

Tuesday was the beginning…of the end…nah! Just the beginning of their summer vacation.
Their first week of vacation went very well… only 3 time outs…if I remember correctly! And one serious argument. (N slapped A through the face in one incident, and in another A wanted to urinate on the fence outside because he was wet, and because I wouldn’t let him, he argued with me about it.)

The rest of the week was filled with play dates, super soaker fights (water pistol fights), swim team, painting, videos…

On Thursday night I made plans to meet Marion (an au pair from Germany) at her host family’s house and to then go to the mall. I left at 5.00pm and was meant to meet her at 5.15pm. But, I got quite lost and ended up where my host-grandparents live. And because they are such nice people and they’ve been so helpful, I stopped at their house and asked them to help me out…I eventually arrived at Marion’s at 6.15pm! 😛
We went to the mall and had dinner and walked around. She is really nice!
On our way home she showed me which road to take back to my host family’s house, she only lives 5 minutes away! 😛
(I’m very glad that it stays light till 9pm here, so I didn’t need to drive home in the dark)

On my way home I put gas (petrol 😛 ) in for the first time. All gas stations (as far as I know) are do it yourself. You swipe your debit/credit card and select what kind of gas you want, then u put the nozzle in and hold the button…(if you pay cash u have to pay inside) It’s quite cool, but I expect in winter, it’s going to be VERY cool! (Literally)

On Friday I went with the children and my host-grandparents (whom I will from now on refer to as B and R) to the movies to see ‘Over the Hedge’. It was very funny and cute! 🙂

Yesterday was an awesome day…
I spoke to my mom on skype, with webcams and everything! 🙂
And I drove a lot! With the radio turned up and the air conditioner on! (For those of you who don’t know, one my favorite things to do is to drive alone with good music! So I can sing as loud as I like! 🙂 )
First I drove to my LCC’s house for a meeting to make sure everything is ok with my host family. (And I didn’t get lost)
I then drove to the pool, where the boys were having a practice swim meet. (They were doing time trials) (And I didn’t get lost)
Then I drove to the mall. (And I didn’t get lost)
At the mall I bought some clothes. I had to force myself to leave before I bought anything else! 😛
I then proceeded home. (And….I got lost!!)
😛 but I found my way home…which I am very proud of! 🙂

I am still very happy here. B told me on Monday, that I was definitely a hit with everyone, and probably their favorite so far! This made me exceptionally happy! Because they’ve had 4 au pairs before me, and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be as good as their previous ones. And yesterday, T also mentioned that I was doing a great job! 🙂 So, I’m happy, the family is happy…life is good! 🙂

Today I drove to Target. (and I did not get lost!! WOOHOO!!) Target is a shop that has everything!! Appliances, clothes, books, shoes, linens, cosmetics, cd’s and even a chemist. My host family bought me a Target gift card for my birthday and I’d only spent some of it. Well, today I finished it! 😛 and spent a little extra too!

Then we soaked up the sun by the pool, whilst sipping cocktails! 🙂 We had meatloaf for dinner. It was very good!! I also got my cell phone activated! 🙂

Well, that is it for now! Hope everyone is doing great!! Miss you all! Send my love to everyone! 🙂

Peace out!
Love Bon


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