Week 5 – 25 June (Weekend In New York City)

>25 June 2006

So…here we are once again! I’m not going to bore you with my week. Instead, I’m going to skip straight to Thursday morning…roughly 7am…

I woke up…had a shower…looked at my phone, and lo and behold! I had a text message (not called an sms here) from Lyndell.

The night before I had emailed her and asked her if she wanted to come here for a Nickelback/Hoobastank/Chevelle concert in July. (I know!! How awesome!!! 🙂 🙂 ) and I told her that at some stage I wanted to go to New York again!

In her text message, she told me her host family was going away on Friday and if I wanted to I could go and stay with her for the weekend…
So, Thursday and Friday were filled with plan making!

On Friday, I got off work a little early and headed to the train station. I stopped at Baltimore (which is the nearest big city). I had to make my way to a bus stop and decided to take a cab. It was so cool!! Hailing my first cab!! 🙂 I then took a bus right into New York City!!

On the bus I met a very … colorful individual! He had two pet ferrets with him on the bus! I told him he could let them out, and they were walking on our laps and checking everything out and falling asleep and stuff! 🙂 Very cute! (in case u were wondering,I am definitely talking about the ferrets!)

Lyndell met me outside Macy’s and we took a walk to Time Square. It was so cool walking through the city at night! It really is ‘The City That Never Sleeps!’ Then we went to McDonalds and onto Grand Central Station! It is like an underground city! Amazing! It’s huge and there are shops and everything!! Before we caught the train to Lyndell’s house, we got some iced coffee from Starbucks! Very good!! 🙂
Lyndell and I stayed up till like 4 or 5am talking…comparing au pairing notes and talking about home!

The next morning we had a really good breakfast! (Thanks Lyndell! :P) and headed back into the city on the train! The weather wasn’t very nice…drizzling and overcast, but it was still very hot.

The first thing we did was make our way to Time Square (Broadway). We used the subway! What an experience! 🙂 It’s just like the movies! But, wow! It’s so hot and stuffy down there! Luckily the trains have air con!
When we got to Broadway, we went to a place where you can get cheaper tickets(TKTS) but they only opened at 3pm, so we just walked around the city for a while. We browsed around the Virgin Records store, it is huge! And has so much stuff! We also had a look in Planet Hollywood.
When we went back to TKTS the line was incredibly long, so we decided that we’d see if we could get student tickets for the New York Ballet. So, we took the subway there, and weren’t able to get student tickets. We decided that we’d try to get cheaper tickets at 6pm for a show called ‘Rent’.

So, we then made our way to Central Park. It was very cool!! 🙂 (For lack of a better word) there were people jogging, cyclists, horse drawn carriages, the works! Very surreal. 🙂 Then we were on our way to the subway to go to Greenwich Village (Where ‘Sex and the City’ is filmed) when it started to pelt down with rain…so there was Lyndell and I running along Central Park in the rain! It was great!! Haha!

Greenwich Village is the coolest place! It has such a vibe! Lots of small streets and the main road is full of places to go and things to do. We had lunch at a really nice little Thai restaurant.
Afterwards we caught the subway back to Time Square to see if we could get tickets for ‘Rent’, but we couldn’t. So, we tried our luck and went back to TKTS! Oh boy am I glad we did!! 🙂

We got two half price tickets to see ‘Chicago’.
It was…..Chicago!! (Which now means…wow! Amazing! Fantasicle! Awesome! All rolled into one!)
Rita Wilson starred as Roxy Hart! (For those of you who don’t recognize her name, she’s married to Tom Hanks, and has been in loads of movies! For example: ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘That thing you do’

Other famous actors that were in it:

Billy Flynn, the lawyer: Obba Babbatunde (from How High, The Notebook, The Manchurian Candidate…and so many more)

Amos Hart, Roxy’s husband: Kevin Chamberlin (from Jake in Progress, Die Hard: With a vengeance and many more!)
Oh, and get this! He was born in Baltimore, Maryland! 🙂

Anyway…it was the greatest experience!! 🙂

After the show we got some starbucks…and caught the train home. Some of Lyndell’s friends came over and we hung out till around 4 or 5am!

And then, this morning we caught the train back into the city and walked around for a while and did some shopping. Then I caught the bus back to Baltimore, where I walked to the train station and got a train back to the station where I left my car…and drove home. (got lost again… haha!)

I’m really tired, so I doubt that I managed to explain how amazing my time in New York was to it’s fullness! If I think of anything else…I’ll email again! 🙂
New York is…Chicago! 🙂 The public transport is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed using the subway and walking all over! It was definitely an experience I’m never going to forget!

Till next time, take care! Love to all!
Love Bon


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