Week 6

>Hey there!! 🙂

I’ve decided not to use Microsoft Word anymore because some people find it difficult to open…

This week has just flown by!! Nothing too exciting has happened, so I’m just gonna share some arbitrary American things with you…

I have now tried: Burger King(I think it’s better than Mc Deez!), Taco Bell(not too bad), sparro(good pizza), papa johns(better pizza), subway(good healthy food! and you can basically get whatever u want), Starbucks(heavenly!)…

Some words that are different here….

Traffic light = robot
Lolly pop = sucker
Getting = fetching
Bathing suit = swimming costume
Flip flops = slops
Tennis shoes/Sneakers = takkies
Freeway = highway
Exit = off ramp
Street = road
Jersey = team jersey not a knitted jersey…those are called sweaters
Bangs = fringe (as in hair)
Text message = sms
Gas = petrol
National holiday = public holiday
Dates … 05-23-2006 = 23-05-2006

and I’m sure I’ve left a few out!

and if you use the South African word for any of these…people are bound to look at you as if you have 5 heads!

Some other things…

(Bear in mind this information is based soley on my experience with an American family, and some things are the same with Lyndell’s host family…so i know that mine is def not the only one….)

Most Americans (see above) don’t own kettles, and if they do own one, it is not electric…they have the old fashioned kinds you put on the stove.
The lawn mowers are not electric either.
In S.A light switches are not allowed in bathrooms…here….they even have plug points in bathrooms!!
And speaking of plug points…most of them cannot be turned on at the actual plug, the switch for the plug is at the wall with the light switches.
A lot of the bathrooms don’t have windows, so they have extractor fans.

Sales tax is not added onto the price of items, it’s only added when it’s rung up.
There are almost always sales on in the stores!
Mail is delivered on Saturdays!
Shops are open till late…even on Sundays.
There are self service machines where you can buy movie tickets, stamps…and I’m sure a lot of other stuff too!
Yeah, there are self service tellers at some stores if you are using a credit card!

On to some exciting news!!!
I’m making plans to go to London for a week! 🙂 Brian (the guy who’s dad owns incredible connection in South Africa) is going to pay for my plane ticket! we trying to make arrangements to go from 07/25 till 07/31. So I’m very excited about that!!

Tomorrow is the fourth of July…independence day! I’m going with some Au pairs to Washington to celebrate!! I’m very excited for that! should be great!! 🙂

I think I’m going to cut down my emails to one every second week…it’s getting a little more difficult to find stuff to write about!

Hope everyone’s well!!
Take Care!!
Love Bon


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