>Week 24 (Pre-thanksgiving)

>Hey hey!

Ok, so lets start with the most upsetting news….My computer has a killer virus, and I can’t use it until we reinstall windows. I’m hoping I’ll be able to back up my hard drive before doing so though, so I don’t lose all my photo’s and stuff!! 😦
That is the reason why this is late… I have to use the family computer, and this is also the reason why there is no photo attached to this blog, i will add one once my computer is up and running again!

Monday and Tuesday last week were normal boring kinda days… nothing exciting. Wednesday the same, except I had Spanish class in the evening. Thursday was quite a different day though…

M was at school…. the boys were off to school….T decided she was going to spend the day at home with M. I collected M from school…. brought her home and then I left for the bank…and having found out that I had the day off, I called Marion and we made plans to watch a dvd, since she only started at 2.30pm that day.
So, I’m in the car driving to the bank …with the radio on…and the DJ say, “So…If you’re looking outside right and thinking it looks kind of scary, you’re right. There is an official Tornado Watch, so be careful!”
Ok, so now, I haven’t been in this situation before, so I call T to find out how serious this is, and if I need to turn around and go home. But, the way it works is: a tornado WATCH just means that it’s possible for a tornado to develop…a tornado WARNING on the other hand, is when a tornado has been sighted.
I go to the bank and pick Marion up and we go and get a movie(The Lake House) and come back to my house. The tornado thing is all over the news, it turns out that tornado’s were passing through nearby states. The weather was pretty extreme… really strong winds, heavy rain,etc.

While we’re watching the movie, T asks me to watch M because she’s going to go and get the boys from school because they’re being let out early because of the tornado watch and so Marion goes to get C(her host child) from school too. Eventually the weather dies down and the watch is over… then there are flood warnings! πŸ˜›
drama drama drama.

Marion and I go to hip hop class, avoiding all low streets that were flooded.
Then we went and got some take out and finished off the movie…which was really good!!

Friday night Marion,Odette (the au pair from SA) and I went for coffee and we saw ‘Casino Royale‘ the new james bond movie. It was really good!! πŸ™‚ lots of fun!

Saturday I went to watch N play soccer and we had a pre-thanksgiving dinner, because the boys are spending thanksgiving with their dad.
C’s sons and sister came, and T’s dad and step mother and a family friend and Marion came too. It was really fun. Lots of cocktails and wine, and not to mention food! πŸ™‚ turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin….. then chocolate pudding pie, pumpkin pie and lemon meringue for dessert! It was really good.
Marion and I then watched another movie… ‘Inside Man’….. it was very clever.

Sunday Marion and I went shopping and then we went to watch a children charity show that her host mom was taking part in… it was fun! πŸ˜›
Then we went to dinner with her host family… to a Chinese restaurant. It was very good.
We ended the weekend off with a good episode of desperate housewives! πŸ™‚ hehe

I hope everyone is as happy and content with life as I am in this moment! πŸ™‚
Love and miss you all…



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