>Week 25 – Thanksgiving

Ok, so, since Wednesday I’ve been in the USA for 6 months! Half a year! Wow! 🙂

Monday and Tuesday were mostly normal days, with the exception that the boys were home from school on Thanksgiving break. The kids and I spent most mornings and afternoons painting ceramic ornaments and making ornaments for Christmas! It was disaster free and actually really fun! 🙂

On Wednesday night Marion and I had quesidillas (I hope got the spelling right!) and watched a couple of DVD’s. (‘John Tucker Must Die’; really really funny!! and ‘Nanny McPhee’; very sweet and funny!)

Thursday was Thanksgiving…. which I spent with Marion and her host family. It was nice. Pretty relaxing really. We played a couple of board games with the kids, had cocktails, big dinner and dessert. Thanksgiving kind of reminds me of Boxing Day (Day of Goodwill) back home… just a day with the family.

Friday I took the day off…. because….. it was ‘Black Friday’. And I didnt just make that up, that’s what they call the day after thanksgiving here, because most stores have HUGE sales and even sometimes give aways, and they open really really early, some even open at midnight, but most open at 5am or 6am….or at the worst, 7am. I was warned that I was crazy to consider going shopping on Friday, but…I figured that since I’m here to experience everything American, I had to do it!! So…I woke up at 5.30am and was on my way to the mall by 6am….
The parking lot was already full! It was insane how many people were up and shopping at that hour!! But, what was waiting for me inside, was nowhere near as bad as the picture everyone had painted for me…
I had been told horror stories of people waking up at 3am and queing outside stores, pushing and shoving….long lines at the check outs! But, since I chose the mall without any big department stores…I was safe, it was quite a pleasant shopping experience. And I bought my first leather jacket and gloves! 🙂 along with 4 Christmas gifts and some sweaters! But, I will admit that at 9am when I walked out of the mall, there were no empty parking spots in sight and the mall was pretty crowded. I can only imagine what the ‘Macy’s’, ‘Target’, ‘Walmart’, ‘JC Penny’ and ‘Kohls’ stores were like. But, thankfully my day of shopping ended when I would normally only be getting up! haha!

Friday night Marion,her host family and I went to see ‘Happy Feet’. It was SO funny!!! and very cute! Then we went out to a Mexican restaurant and watched ‘Save the last dance 2’ on DVD at my house. It was pretty good, not nearly as good as the first one of course!
Saturday we watched ‘You, Me and Dupree’ which was ok. And then we went out for pizza and then watched ‘Mulan’ and ‘Mulan 2’. Let me justify our choice of movies here…. As au pairs of little girls, it is almost our duty to know all the disney princesses. Marion however, had never seen Mulan, so I took it apon myself to make sure this was quickly rectified. 🙂
Today (Sunday) we went to the mall and then came back here and had hot chocolate and cookies and played Jenga, then we watched ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’.

Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, “8 movies in 1 week!?”…. but dont get me wrong, I have not quite deserted my partying ways, my bank account just cant support those ways at the moment. With Christmas coming up, along with winter(which I am nowhere close to being prepared for) and a post-Christmas trip to NYC, I cant afford anything much besides movies! So, my social life at the moment is not very exciting.
What is exciting though, is looking out the window and seeing the houses accross the street decorated with lights for Christmas! It’s like being in a fairy tale. I cant really explain… but seeing them, makes me feel so content and happy with where I am right now.

I hope everyone is doing well! Miss and love you all,

P.S: as you can tell I havent put up a picture for this weeks blog, and I havent added one to last weeks one either; I havent got my computer back yet, hopefully I’ll get it sometime this week!


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