>Week 26 – Hip hop Recital & Au Pair cookie exchange


Ok, so, everyone back home in sunny SA…. next time you go out and a stranger walks up to you and tries to sell you koeksisters… do me a favour- ask them if they made them themselves, then buy some…and be sure to let them know they’re awesome!!
I have a new found respect for those people! Today was our monthly au pair meeting, and we had a cookie exchange, where we each had to bake 2 dozen ‘Somethings’ to take with and share with the other au pairs. I couldnt think of anything, so earlier this week I called apon some family back home to help me come up with something South African to take to the meeting. My gran(and mom) and aunt came to my rescue!! They suggested koeksisters, which I hadn’t even thought of! And my aunt suggested I look for a recipe for koeksisters online, google. So, that’s just what I did!

I spent 6 hours straight (with a 1 hr break) today, baking and cooking koeksisters!! What a mission!!! But, they came out pretty good…if I do say so myself! 😛 I was so proud! I’m not really that into cooking or baking…I enjoy doing both, but never really have the motivation… so for me to single handedly create these little masterpieces… I was pretty impressed! 😛 Naturally there was the one that wasnt cooked all the way through (well, I hope there was only one…) and the syrup wasnt perfect… It could’ve been less lemony and more gingery….but all in all…they were pretty good!

While I was baking, M,the boys and T were baking cookies. It’s a Christmas tradition for them to bake a whole lot of cookies…some for Santa and the rest for family who come to visit on Christmas eve and day…and just general holiday cookies.

Yesterday the family put up the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations. The house looks really beautiful! 🙂 I’ll take some pictures soon.
I went shopping again yesterday, for a winter jacket… that will hopefully keep me warm when/if it snows. I eventually found one, after spending a good couple hours wondering around the mall. After that, Marion and I went to her host mom’s dance studio’s Christmas recital. The little kids were really cute!
We then …..

you guessed it! We watched some dvd’s!! ‘Crash’ – AWESOME AWESOME movie!!!! A real mind opener! ‘Click’ – which I saw when I first arrived, but Marion hadn’t seen it yet. ‘The Break Up’ – quite a good movie…very real, I thought.

Friday I felt pretty sick the whole day, woke up with a sore throat that just got worse during the day. Friday night I spent the evening with the family, we watched ‘Yours, Mine & Ours’ – really funny, sweet movie! I had an early night.

Monday night we had rehearsal for our hip hop recital! On Thursday when we arrived at the nursing home, where we were “performing” …. we were all pretty uneasy… there was not much room and it wasnt quite how we pictured the venue. But, we made the most of it, and had fun. My host family all came to watch, and N video taped the whole thing…so there’ll be copies on sale when I get home if anyone wants to invest in a really amusing comedy! 😉

The following three weeks, I have been warned, are going to be REALLY long and trying! T has warned me to prepare myself, she says that since the Christmas tree is now up, the kids are going to get more and more excited for Christmas. She was really sweet about it though, she told me that I must just remember that they love me, and it’s not me, I’m doing a great job! haha.

So…that was my week. The weather here is getting colder and colder…often below 10C the whole day. There has been snow in the states to the west of us. We’ve actually been pretty blessed with warm weather, but we’ve been warned that the temperature is going to just suddenly drop. There was actually frost/ice on the windscreen of the car a few mornings this week; that we had to scrape off.
I’ve decided that no matter how excited I am for snow… I am not prepared for the cold! I think it’s really cold tonight…. It feels like mid-winter in jhb outside… and this is no where near how cold it is going to be getting!! So… while you’re out sweating in the sun, or at the beach… please think of me… in my 3-5 layers of clothing, walking the kids to the bus stop first thing in the morning!

I’m still as happy as anything… but I’m sort of dreading Christmas, because I’m sure I’ll hit a bit of a low… and become home sick, but, I’m going to try and stay positive and not get too sad. I am looking forward to NYC!! We’re hoping to go and see a broadway show, Niagra Falls and to ice skate at rockerfella centre!

Anyway, I’ll love and leave you now, hope I didnt put anyone to sleep!
Love and hugs to all!!!


P.S: I still do not have my computer back, it turns out that my hard drive is the problem, not a virus! So we need to get a new hard drive…. I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but, you know what, I dont miss my computer all that much. It’s nice, being computer independant! :o) hehehe
But, in the next couple days I’ll put up a pic of my koeksisters…. my camera is upstairs and I dont feel like getting it right now. But, I’ll put it up tomorrow! 🙂


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