>Week 27 – Football game


Ok, so, if I had to describe this week in one word…….it would be ‘COLD’! πŸ˜›

The temperature has just dropped!! It’s close to or below freezing most days…sometimes warming up a little in the afternoon, most times staying really cold!! I’ve had to scrape frost off my car windows a couple times this week! I do believe it’s going to snow sometime soonish….it’s apparently colder than usual for this time of year.

Out of the ordinary things this week: Tuesday night Marion and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2, it came out on dvd and Marion didnt get a chance to see it at the cinema…so we watched it when she was finished work on Tuesday…at 9pm!! πŸ˜›

Wednesday was my last spanish lesson…. I have officially complete beginning spanish 1. I dont know how much i really know…. but, it’s hard not having anyone to talk to, and practice with… I’ll probably send an email to Sylvia (a very good friend of mine back home) in spanish, and try and practice like that? πŸ˜›

Thursday I had most of the day off, because the boys were at school and M spent the day with her gran. I watched ‘Meet me in St Lois’ which is an old movie, very good.

Friday night I went out to dinner with T, C and M.

On saturday we (T, C, B(C’s son), N and I) went into Baltimore to watch the highschool football state championship division 1a game, at the football stadium.It was awesome!!! :o) Highschool band, cheerleaders, everything!! I can only imagine how much fun a pro game must be!!
After the game Marion and I went to the mall, got something to eat and walked around looking for Christmas gifts!
Then I came home and watched ‘A Philladelphia Story’, it’s an old Cary Grant movie…black and white…very good though, and funny!! I really enjoyed it!! πŸ™‚

Yesterday I spent the day trying to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible! I spent a good few hours walking through the mall and shopping, but I managed to finish off gifts for 3 people…so, it went well!
Then Marion and I got a dvd – River King. Very weird murder mystery movie. Marion went home after that, and I watched ‘Casablanca’ …. a really old, black and white classic. I’ve heard of it, as I’m sure most people have, but really…. I cant believe I hadnt seen it before!! It was great!! πŸ™‚ I advise anyone who hasnt seen it before….GO AND SEE IT!! and if you have seen it…. go and see it again!!! πŸ™‚ lots of fun!

So, that was my week last week…. one thing…. that I left till last though, was my low point of the week.

A few weeks ago I found out that incubus are going tour for their new album, and they are going to be performing at a club in DC! For 2 nights! For those of you who dont know, Incubus is the most awesome rock/alternative band EVER!!!!! I love them!! They are my most favourite band of all time!! I have been so excited, because I figured that I would buy a ticket on the day they go on sale. With Good Charlotte we only got tickets the week of the concert! So I thought it was practically a sure thing!

The tickets went on sale at 10am on Friday morning…
T paid me at around 8.45am. I had to go and get M from school at 10am, so I planned to go and collect her, deposit the money in the bank, and buy the ticket as soon as I get home. I get home at 10.45am….only to find that the tickets are already sold out!!!!
I was SO SO angry, because I could’ve bought the ticket just before I left to get M, and overdrawn my bank account, if I’d known!
But later on Friday I found out that the tickets were sold out within 15 seconds!!!!
All the big ticket companieson the internet bought the tickets and are now reselling the tickets; that were originally $40, for bet $180-$300. There are even tickets on ebay!!
So, naturally, I am not the only fan that is highly disappointed and very angry!!
I am currently saving for Christmas and my trip to NYC, so I dont have money to buy one of these incredibly overpriced tickets, but as soon as I get another pay check, after new years, I am going to see if I can get a ticket. I dont even care if I have to go alone(because Marion doesnt really know them and doesnt want to spend so much!)!! 😦 pathetic…I know….but…it’s Incubus!!

Ok well….that’s all folks…..

‘Here’s to you kid…’



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