>Week 28 – One week ’til Christmas

>Ok, so this week has been pretty crazy… sort of.

Tuesday night was N’s chorus evening at the school, so we all went and watched the kids sing Christmas carols. It wasnt too bad. Thursday was C’s birthday and N’s band evening at the school. Which… I am told… wasn’t too bad compared to previous years. I mean, these kids are really young and they’re learning how to play complicated instruments…N plays the Clarinet. I think it’s awesome that the kids get the opportunity to learn how to play these instruments, and I’m sure they love being able to show what they’ve learnt… and really, it was over pretty quickly, so it worked out well. Before we went, C,T and I had frozen margarita’s to help us get through the evening! 😛

During the week I watched some more movies!! surprised? 😛 haha
I watched:
The Family Stone (with Sarah Jessica Parker, not too bad, but not the greatest)
Sabrina , the old black and white version with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart(great movie!!)
The Thin Man (really really funny black and white movie!)
Indiscreet (another old black and white movie, with Cary Grant. It was really funny!!)

I had most of Friday off, because T and C took the day off. I had to work in the evening though, while T took C out to dinner for his birthday. I had to watch M…which was fun. We went to Mc Donalds (sorry Kyoko! 😛 ) and watched Brother Bear together. There were some water works before bed, because she wanted to say goodnight to T, but we soon got over that and the rest of the night went well.
Marion came over once M was sleeping and we watched Indiscreet together.

Saturday Marion worked and I went shopping …again!! Then in the evening B and R took C, T, the kids and I out to dinner at a restaurant on the 5th floor of a hotel in Baltimore. It was really really nice, with a beautiful view of the inner harbour. We all got dressed up, the boys wore suits. It was great!!
After dinner we went to 34th street in Baltimore… there is a block of houses on the street that put up Christmas lights, some of them go a little crazy! they’ve been doing it since 1947!! They close the street down and there are traffic officers there, to help with traffic and some of the house owners let u walk up onto their porches to see their set up! It was great!! 🙂

Today I finally finished off my Christmas shopping!! 🙂 What a relief!!! Now I just need to wait for some stuff to be delivered!!

Tonight Marion is going to come over and we’re going to watch Talledega Nights…the ballad of Ricky bobby. I’m not too sure if it’s going to be really funny, or really silly, i guess we’ll see.

Living “on my own” for almost 7 months has really helped me become an adult, as such. I’ve always found it difficult to believe I’m no longer a kid, it’s just that I still feel like a little girl. I’ve never really spoken to adults, like an adult. It’s kind of hard to explain, but, living so far from my family, has made me realise that I truly am on my own, and therefore, I am an adult. There’s no one to go crying to if I dont feel well. There’s no one to turn to if I need extra money (I can always ask to be paid in advance, but the bottom line is, it’s borrowed money), I have a serious job and cant wake up and say, “I dont feel too good today, I’m not going to go into work” I just have to suck it up. Just the other day/week one of the mom’s at the bus stop introduced me to her kid as Miss Bonita…

I say this knowing that I do have a caring family here too. But, T is more like a friend than a mom figure. I do know however that I can go to her with anything,and she’s always looking out for me and that is very comforting.

I have decided that I am going to extend my stay for another year.

This means that I will only be returning home in June 2008.

The main reason why I decided this, is because I dont really know what to do when I get home. I mean, I know what i WANT to do, it’s just a matter of how I’m going to go about DOING it! I dont really want to live in Johannesburg anymore because I dont think I have any friends left there and besides, the life style is inevitably going to distract me from my goals.

However, I’m not going to live with my mom in Durban either, so I’m not too sure yet what I’m going to do exactly…What I do know is, I want to study towards a teaching degree and I want to eventually teach pre-school or 1st or 2nd grade. I would like to work somewhere other than South Africa, but I dont particularly want to teach in the UK either, but, I guess I’ll have to see. There is also so much of the world I still want to see!

T has told me that since they get a discount on the au pair program fee because I’m staying with the same family, she’s willing to contribute $1000 towards my educational component if I want to study something that I can hopefully use towards my teaching degree back home.

So, anyway, that’s about all the news I have for the moment…I hope everyone back home had a good public holiday on friday.
Take care!!

Love and Hugs

PS: i will hopefully be getting my computer back this week.


One thought on “>Week 28 – One week ’til Christmas

  1. >Heya. It’s your second cousin (I think that’s what I am to you), Peter. Anyroad, your Mum’s my cousin. My Dad, (your grandmother’s brother, so, your grand uncle) gave me the link to your blog.Just writing to say hey and I like your blog. Enjoy my home country (I live in Italia), but read ‘Fast Food Nation’ before you go to McDonalds again, ok? :). I’ll be in NYC in Jan/Feb (permiering a new opera) should you be going, let me know. It’s always nice to meet extended family. tenorvox at mac dot comCiao and have a great x-mas! Buon Natale e buon capodanno.

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