>Week 32

>Ok, so another week in the USA is over. I think writing these blogs makes me more aware of how quickly time is passing! And even though I’m extending for another year, it still doesnt feel like long enough to see everything I want to see. Everytime I wanna travel, I have to spend a few months saving up first, so I cant really travel that much, only a couple big trips a year. I’m lucky enough to be going to Arizona with the family in August or so this year. And they’ll be paying for that, so i think that’s pretty awesome! I will hopefully get to see the Grand Canyon while I’m there, and I plan to make a side trip to Las Vegas too! But, that’s still a while away, so we’ll see.

Back to this week…
Quite a quiet week again. I got in touch with a friend this week,after about 9 months of not being in touch, that was pretty awesome! I’ve realised that once I let someone into my life, and once i share a special relationship/friendship with them, that’s it, they’re apart of my life no matter what, and losing contact with them makes me feel like i’ve lost something. My friends are all very close to my heart! And I dont know where I’d be without each of them!!

Friday night I went out to dinner with the family then we watched ‘Invincible’ together (even though I watched it just last week). I love spending family time with them.

Ok, onto some American Football trivia. The Baltimore Ravens are the team we support. They recently made it to the superbowl playoffs, and on Saturday was their first playoff game. How it works is; if a team loses a playoff game, that’s it, they’re out. If they win, they make it to the next round.
So, on Saturday was the game…before the game however we went to watch N play in his school’s band at one of the local Middle schools.
Then we watched the game, had some pizza and some drinks. (Marion came over too) It was such a bad game, the Ravens lost 15-6. So they’re out! It was pretty aggrivating! It was funny though, C was at the game, so it was just the kids,Marion, T and I, and we were all yelling and getting angry! hehe… I am really gonna miss football when i go back home!

After the game Marion and I watched ‘The covenant’; it was pretty good.

Speaking of football though…One night this week I went outside and played a bit of football with N…throwing and catching the ball,etc. It was SO cold outside…when I got inside, my fingers were so sore!!! It was insane!!! I was almost in tears!! They eventually warmed up and then it was ok, but the pain was pretty intense! I will definately not be outside again for so long, in the cold, without gloves on! But spending time with N was good! Really enjoyed ‘playing’ football too!! 🙂

Today we went to the mall and out for lunch. Tonight we’re going to watch ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’; which is one of my favourite movies, and I’ve seen it so many times, but I love it! 🙂 hehe.

Another thing that has taken up most of my time this week is the planning for our trip to California in May. We’ve booked our flights and our rooms at the youth hostels we’re going to stay at in Hollywood and San Francisco. All we have left to book is our bus trip from LA to San Francisco, and the tours we want to go on. I am so excited I can only imagine what I’m going to be like when it gets closer to the time!!!:)
There are 106 days to go!!!

Oh, I havent heard from the DJ about Incubus yet…I’m thinking I’m going to have to pay the $150 for the ticket if I wanna go, and I really really wanna go!!! But, I might have to find someone to go with; someone willing to pay so much! I think Matthew is going to be my best bet. (for those of you who dont remember who Matthew is, he’s the guy I met via the internet a few months ago, I havent seen him since before Halloween. :P)

I hope everyone is doing well… Missing you all!!
Take care of yourselves!
Love Bon

P.S: dont have my computer again, hence no picture this week!


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