>Week 36 – More Snow and New Friends! :P

(the sun was in my eyes a little, so excuse the squinting face! πŸ˜› )

This week was a tough one.
The boys were giving me hassles for most of the week… A almost reduced me to tears on Wednesday, I nearlly called T because i just couldnt take it!! But, I pulled myself together and everything worked out.
But, I’ve been feeling pretty homesick too, everything together just made it tough!!

Tuesday night it snowed some more and Wednesday the boys didnt have school….snow day. So, we played in the snow again, went sleding again too!! But, the snow was less icy…it was fluffy and like powder, so the sleding didnt really last long….
And, it was SO cold outside, we only went out twice for 20 mins each time. It’s been REALLY cold this whole week… and windy, which makes it even colder!!

I called my mom on Monday and we chatted for a while, which was nice!!
My dad called me today, which was also great!! πŸ™‚ He’s been great, calling me every week! I missed his call last week, which i was bummed about! Especially when I couldnt get through when I tried to call him back!

Thursday night Marion, Odette and I went over to Charles house. (He’s Odette’s fiance; Odette is the other south african au pair) A couple of his friends, Matt and Jeremy came over too. We had a games evening… mostly we played pictionary. It was loads of fun!! πŸ™‚ Matt also said he’d go with me to the Fall Out Boy concert that is happening in June…Marion is going back to Germany in May, so I had no one to go with. So, I’m pretty stoked about that!!
Marion and I are going to see My Chemical Romance (With Muse) on April 27th, I got our tickets yesterday!! So, I’m excited for that!! The Fall Out Boy concert tickets go on sale next weekend!! They’re touring with +44 (which is basically Blink182 without Tom!) so, that’s makes it even more exciting!!!

Friday I took M to her very first birthday party. It was T’s birthday, he’s one of the kids from accross the street. It was ‘fun’. HAHA. It was at a place that had a bunch of inflatable things….obstable courses and basketball area and slides and things. M was kinda scared at first, so I had to go on a few with her, until she was comfortable with them!! πŸ˜›

Friday night Odette and I went to movies, we saw ‘Because I Said So’ it was good!! Very funny!! πŸ™‚

Saturday I went with the family to a car show in Baltimore. It was really cool…loads of awesome cars. Everyone was allowed to sit in them too!! πŸ˜› I found my future car…. I fell in love with the Mini Cooper Convertible…. N took a pic of me in it…I cant upload it though, it’s on his camera. These ones with just the car, are the best I can do for now.

When I got back I headed out to the place where I got my tragus piercing, because I was very unhappy with it, when cleaning it this week, I noticed how shallow they had done it, it was so close to the edge of the skin…. so I decided to go and talk to them, and another piercing place I’d found!
On my way there, I got stopped by a traffic officer….for speeding!!! I have never been stopped before, and it was very nerve wrecking!! He let me off with a verbal warning, after letting me sit in the car stressing for what felt like ages!!
I got to the piercing place and the guy gave me attitude, so I went to the other one, where I asked them to take it out. He said I could get it redone in 3 months! I might get the other side done instead, if I cant wait that long! πŸ˜›

Saturday night Charles, Odette, Matt and I went to movies! πŸ˜› haha. We saw ‘Hannibal Rising’, it was no where as good as I thought it would be, it was quite a let down.

Sunday I just been relaxed. Marion and Odette came over after dinner, and we watched a dvd, ‘My Super Ex Girlfriend’. It was really funny! πŸ™‚ There was also loads of junk food, which is always good!! hehe

I’m sorry if this seems rushed or disjointed…but, like I said it’s been a tough week and I’m still feeling homesick and a bit out of it. I guess it doesnt help that my mom arrived in PE today for my brothers wedding on Saturday. I’m really bummed about missing it. I’ve been waiting for so long for my big brothers to marry their amazing girlfriends, because they’ve been part of our family for years already, and now I’m missing it!!! One thing that does make it a little easier is, Dylan understands and isn’t upset with me (as far as I know).

Well, I hope this finds everyone well…
Love Bon

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