>Week 43 – Spring Time…Cherry Blossoms

Time really seems to be flying by now days!!

Monday was work as usual… C was at home the whole week to help T out. Monday night Matt, Jeremy and I went and saw the new TMNT movie!! I really enjoyed it!! :o)
Then we went to Dunkin Donuts and had some drinks.

Tuesday night I had yoga… It was alot more difficult than it has been for me, i think that’s because we missed a class last week for spring break! Our last class is next week.
After yoga Matt and I went out for coffee.

Wednesday I had most of the day off because M spent the day with her gran. So Marion and I went to starbucks and had lunch together.

Thursday night Matt, Jeremy, Odette, Charles and I played pictionary over at Charles’ house. Matt, Odette and I won!! :oD Was really fun!!! hehehe

Friday I had to put air in my tyres again….But I had tried on Wednesday to find a gas station with an air ‘machine’ that had a pressure/tyre gauge too, and couldnt find one, they were all out of order. So…on Friday my host mom told me to buy a tyre gauge…so I could check the pressure myself at one of the air things that didnt have one built in!!
So, I did that and went to put air in. Well…I was trying to read the pressure, but there was a constant hissing sound, and i knew that wasnt right, and that there wasnt a proper connection bet the tyre and the gauge…well… eventually the tyre was completely flat..and I obviously had to put air in it, regardless of whether the gauge was working or not… So i went into the gas station to get quarters for the machine, and when i got back and had put some air in, I tried to read the pressure again, and it worked…M had put the “cap” back on! Of course, it wasnt a cap and was actually the top of the gauge!! πŸ˜› But…it all worked out in the end!! πŸ˜›

Friday night Odette, Charles, Matt and I went over to Jeremy’s and had pizza, played card games and Apples to Apples (board game) ; which I won!! :oD Then we watched ‘Lets go to prison’ and we all fell alseep! πŸ˜› Charles and Odette left and Matt, Jeremy and I finished watching ‘School for Scoundrels’ (which we had started last Sunday)’ which was pretty good. And then we watched ‘Borat’…which was surprisingly funny!! πŸ˜›

On Saturday we got up early and Charles, Odette, Matt and I took the metro into Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms. Which only bloom for about 7-10 days once a year. We rode a paddly boat in the tidal basin that is surrounded by them. It was really pretty and fun!! πŸ™‚ We had some lunch and then went back to Charles’ and watched ‘Crank’; which was really good! Then we had some dinner (Taco Bell!! :D) and while the guys were out getting dinner, we watched ‘Just Friends’ which was really funny! Then we all fell asleep watching ‘Take the Lead’, which wasnt really that bad, but we were just really tired.

Today I went with Charles and Odette to church again. It’s a non demoninational church. I really like it there! The reverend is such a nice guy and greets us everytime we go. He’s also really funny and approachable. His sermons are very interesting and well done!!
Then we had some lunch.

After that Matt and I went to a little mall and I bought my host mom’s mom a birthday present. Then we went to starbucks and Arby’s! Once Jeremy was finished work we went over to his house and watched ‘Turistas’ which was pretty good…a little disappointing though.

So, that was my week…
Hope everyone is doing well….please keep my friend’s Warren and Darryl and their family(esp. their dad) in your thoughts and prayers. And my great aunt Barbara too, she is still recovering from her car accident, but I hear she’s making progress, which is really great!!! Thankfully the weather is warming up a bit, so I’m sure that’ll lift her spirits! πŸ™‚

Peace and Love…

ps: if anyone was considering buying the new Good Charlotte album, I wouldnt waste my money if I were you, it was a big disappointment!!! I’d advise you give it a listen in the store before you buy it, everyone has different tastes, so you might like it, even if I dont…. but, just in case… πŸ˜›


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