>Week 44 – Meeting the folks….

>Last week just flew by!! It’s scary how fast time is passing me by!!

On Monday night Matt came over and met my host family and we watched ‘Employee of the Month’. On Tuesday night we went out for coffee. On Wednesday night we watched ‘Blades of Glory’ at the cinema. (and saw the trailers for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3’ coming out may 25th!!) On Thursday night we went over to Jeremy’s with Charles and Odette and watched ‘300’. It was a really well made movie!!

On Friday night Matt came over and we hung out a little, then Marion, Matt and I went to movies and saw ‘The Reaping’, it was super scary! and really good! the best scary movie i’ve seen in a long time!! Then we went to Dunkin Donuts.

On Saturday I dyed hard boiled eggs with the kids, then Matt and I went to Best Buy and Guitar Centre and starbucks then we went over to Jeremy’s place with Marion. Then we all went over to Odette’s. Charles and Odette got married on Saturday, with family there, and they’re having the ceremony and the wedding with everyone on July 7th. They had to get married before that so she can legally stay in the USA. So, we went over to congratulate them and meet Odette’s parents (who are from S.A but live and work in the USA) and Charle’s mom who lives in Texas. We had some drinks and hung out. When I got home, the easter bunny had already visited my room!! 😀 I had an easter basket waiting for me by my bed!! 😀
Here they dont hide chocolate easter eggs, they make baskets full of candy and paper straw, and they hide plastic eggs filled with money or little toys or candy.
Another easter thing here….jelly beans are more available around easter time, very strange.

On Sunday Matt gave me the cutest easter bunny (stuffed bunny) and jelly beans. Then Charles, Odette, Marion, Matt and I went to church and then Matt and I went to Starbucks and then went over to his aunt’s house, where i met his:
Mom, dad, sister, gran, 2 aunts (and their husbands) and 4 cousins.
I was really nervous, but they were SO nice!! 😀 his mom has MS (multiple sclerosis) and he lives at home to help his dad out. His dad is an assistant minister at a local church, and he doesnt get paid, so Matt helps out with bills too! He has 2 jobs! (not sure if i mentioned any of that before, if I did, i’m sorry to repeat myself!)
His family is really funny and laid back. So, it was fun!!
After that we went over to Jeremy’s and Marion met us there. We watched ‘Beerfest’ and then went out to dinner at a Chinese Resturant. Then we watched ‘Grind’ back at Jeremy’s!

The weather has been so weird. It got cold again last week. On Saturday morning, it even snowed again, but melted right away, didnt accumulate!! So, hopefully it’ll start warming up again soon!!!

I hope everyone is as happy as I am!! 😀
take care of yourselves!!
Love and Peace


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