>CD’s I’ve purchased whilst being in the USA….

>Everyone keeps on at me about the amount of movies I’ve seen, but the real weakness here is my CD collection!! It’s kinda crazy…but, I have it under some sort of control, i like to think i do anyway!
(these are pretty much in the order that i bought them)

Fall Out Boy – From Under The Cork Tree (i love all the fall out boy cd’s i’ve bought)

Panic! At the Disco – A Fever You Cant Sweat Out (really like this cd)

Joss Stone – Mind, body& soul ( i like it, but i dont listen to it that much anymore)

Rhianna – A Girl Like Me ( again, like it, but dont listen to it much)

Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E (:o) it’s incubus, what more can i say…very awesome cd though)

Placebo – Once More With Feeling (LOVE placebo!! Really like their new album though, i have it on my ipod courtesy of Stuart)

Seether – One Cold Night (Like Seether!! )

Nickelback – All The Right Reasons (it’s a good cd…but, dont listen to it much)

Blink 182 – blink182 (not blinks best album…)

Good Charlotte – The Young And The Hopeless (love this)

Good Charlotte – The Chronicles Of Life and Death (love this one too)

Incubus – Light Grenades (LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! )

Chevelle – Wonder What’s Next (really like chevelle, had to take the album off my ipod, so i bought the cd)

Thousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon (love TFK!!)

Snow Patrol – Eyes Open (really like this cd!! very cool..dont listen to it too much anymore tho)

Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High (really like it)

P.O.D – Greatest Hits (:) i love POD… brings back alot of memories too… of the good “old days” 😛 )

Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance (still trying to get into Thrice…. they’re pretty heavy)

AFI – DecemberUnderground (same story as thrice)

The All American Rejects – Move Along (really like this album…)

QuietDrive – When all that’s left is you (LOVE this album!!!)

Step Up – original soundtrack (haha…. had to get it!! )

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge(i’m loving both my chem cd’s at the moment!!)

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

Three Days Grace – One-X (LOVE this album!!!)

Take Action – volume 6 (compilation cd and dvd from the Take Action Tour) — still giving these cd’s a listen…

Incubus – Alive at Red Rocks (:D Again….love love love this cd and dvd!!)

Cd’s i’ve gotten from Matt…
Gratitude – gratitude (actually got this one from charlie…it’s ok)

The Academy Is (first cd) – LOVE the academy is…this album and the newest one!!!!!!

Fall Out Boy – Take this to your grave (love this…. !!!)

My favorite highway ( really really liking this band too)

Madina Lake – From them, through us to you (they’re gonna make it big, take my word for it!!)

Sherwood – A different Light (really like sherwood too1!)

Young Love – Too young to fight it (i think that’s the album’s name) (:) i’ve told u guys about young love before…really cool!!)

+44 (this is blink without Tom…. i dunno, dont like it so much)

Cobra Starship (pretty cool!! 🙂 different.)

Good Charlotte – Good Morning Revival (REALLY dont like this cd)

The Academy Is – Santi (like i said, LOVE the academy is…)

A change of pace
Graham Colton – Drive
All Time Low – Put up or shut up


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