>My week in California!! :D

>Ok, so… my vacation…I’m going to try and take it one day at a time…so I can make sure I dont leave anything out!! πŸ™‚

Tuesday :
Marion and I got up at 4.00am (east coast time) and Matt took us to the airport, where we caught the 6.10am flight (or something like that) to Atlanta, Georgia. Where we had breakfast and then got on another flight a few hours later to LAX! πŸ™‚ (Los Angeles) The flights were pretty tiresome and the last one was long, but they werent bad.
We took a shuttle to the hostel in Hollywood and stored our bags there while we walked along Hollywood Blvd. (and the Walk of Fame) I know when i try to explain what it’s like, i’m not going to give it justice at all…but i’m going to try anyway….there are people everywhere…people with cameras filming who knows what…commercials? reality shows? magic dvds? People talking all sorts of languages… outside the Chinese Theater there are a whole lot of impersonators…different ones everyday, with some regulars… It is like a mixture of a crazy city; like NYC, mixed in with a chilled out coast vibe… It was fun! πŸ™‚
After we got some dinner and collected our bags from the hostel, we headed over to the Greyhound station…on our way there, we walked through a group of people who were just hanging out on the sidewalk… now…when in Hollywood, u get the impulse to look at people, just in case you run into someone famous…now, i walked by and saw a guy i swore i recognised from TV…i knew it wasnt a movie… but i couldnt quite figure it out until we’d walked half a block away…when i realised that he was ‘Kirk’- Sean Gunn;from Gilmore Girls (my fav tv show!!)…and then i kept turning around and looking over at them, to try and make sure…they saw me keep turning and tried to call us over, but Marion wanted to keep going…
Eventually I convinced her to walk to the other side of the street, so I could try and figure out if it really was him or not..I made Marion stand and pretend i was taking a picture of her, while i tried to zoom in and get a better look at him, but he had his back turned…so we just kept on toward the bus station.
When we got there, i eventually gave in and said that I was going to go and get something to drink, so I walked past them again, on my way to the store (on purpose of course) and after that i was pretty sure it was him, but as I was walking back from the store… they started walking away…on their way somewhere else… i asked a guy that was lagging behind a little if it was the guy from the Gilmore Girls, and he just laughed and said yes, and that he is actually a really nice guy… so .. i keep walking toward the bus station…and lo and behold, they’re walking that way too… so yes, it kinda looked like i was following them…they were waiting to cross the street when i walked up to ‘Kurt’ and asked if i could have my picture taken with him…he seemed really flattered and was very cool about it!! πŸ˜€

Ok, so anyway….we took the 10.20pm bus to San Francisco…it was an awful bus ride!!! I was sitting next to this really big guy, and couldnt fall asleep! And the wind must’ve been blowing a gale, because it felt like the bus was going all over the road, so I was pretty freaked out too.I think I might have slept for about 1 hour maybe!

We arrived in San Francisco at about 5am and walked in the rain to the hostel and got there at about 5.45am (which is…3.45am on the east coast…so i had been awake for 24 hours by this time…with a little nap on the bus). We hung out at the hostel and had free pancakes until they were able to check us in…at about 7.30am. We took showers and then headed to Alamo Square on the bus…then to Golden Gate Park, where we got lost trying to find the Japanese Tea Garden.. πŸ˜› but we found it eventually. After that we started taking a bus to the house where Mrs Doubtfire was filmed, but the bus had a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge, and we hadnt seen it yet, so we quickly got off and checked it out! πŸ™‚ Then we got on another bus and then walked up a really long,steep hill to the house…and then took another bus to Bonita St.. πŸ˜€ and then we headed back to the hostel on a cable car (the cable cars are amazing…they’re so old, and when they start going down a hill…oh my God! you feel as though you’re on a rollercoaster and begin praying that the brakes dont fail!!)…got back at about 4pm (after being awake for about 33 hours) and I fell alseep as soon as I layed down to rest… At 7pm Marion and I went to the store and bought some supplies (snacks and drinks) for the next couple days… Then we hung out a bit and eventually went to bed..

We got up at 7am and headed over to Fishermans Wharf where we were taking a tour to Muir Woods (to see the red wood trees) and Sausalito and Alcatraz…
The tour was awesome, the tour guide was really cool too!! there were only 5 of us on the tour so we went in an SUV.
Muir woods was amazing!!! πŸ™‚ the trees are breathtaking and when you walk around there, you instantly feel humbled.
Sausalito was a really nice little town that is opposite San Francisco. There are some famous House boats there… where people have just literally built houses on the water…
Alcatraz was probably my favorite part of San Francisco… We took a ferry over to the island and then took an audio tour around the prison…it was REALLY interesting and so very well done!!
After that we checked out the Hard Rock Cafe and some of the little stores… Then we took the cable car back to the hostel.

We started Friday off by heading into Chinatown… where we went into a little fortune cookie making place…where we got to see two chinese people making fortune cookies…it was very cool. Then we walked around a little and then headed over to Lombard Street and saw the ‘Crookedest Street in the world’… Then we went walked over to fishermans wharf to see the famout seals at pier 39! πŸ™‚ Then we took some buses back to the bridge and we walked along it until we got about half way, then we headed back…
We got back to the hostel and played some shit head and met a guy from Belgium who played a couple games with us…then we had an early night…

We got up pretty early again and headed to the bus station where we took the bus back to LA. I managed to sleep a little more this time round..
We arrived back in Hollywood at around 5ish…then we headed over to Pinks…which is a really famous hot dog stand that’s been there for YEARS! loads of famous people eat there because the hot dogs are so good… i’d say they are pretty good…but i think it’s mostly famous because there is such a wide variety of stuff you can put on ur hotdog!! πŸ™‚ and it’s cheap!! πŸ™‚
We went back to the hostel and got ready to party for Cinco De Mayo… πŸ™‚
Played some shit head with some Austrian guys, met some people from Canada..
Got the bed at about 4ish…

Got up at about 8ish… walked around Hollywood, had a coke float at the Disney soda fountain store place! πŸ˜› and then took a tour into Beverly Hills and Bel Air…saw where a lot of famous people live and where some movies where filmed…Then we hung out at the hostel for a little while…started heading to some famous market, but realized that it was way too far, so headed back!! πŸ˜› Then we watched a comedy show at the hostel..it was really good….!! after that I had some drinks with some people from England, Scotland and the comedians…was really fun! πŸ™‚
Again…got to bed at like 4am!

(the pic is LA from the hills)

Monday morning I headed over to the Warner Bros Studio on the bus… And took a VIP tour around the Studio…it was awesome!! πŸ˜€ We saw the WB museum which had a whole bunch of props from movies and tv shows!! πŸ™‚ costumes, props….u name it! πŸ™‚ They even had the purple door with the gold frame over the eye-hole from friends, and the fridge from Monica’s apartment…they had letters from the 60’s from kids addressed to bugs bunny!! πŸ™‚ they also had a harry potter floor, with all sorts of props from the movie!! πŸ™‚ the sorting hat put me in Gryfindor (wrong spelling!). They had the golden egg, the room under the cupboard, all the quidittch props, the Weasley’s clock….SO much stuff.
We saw the ER set…the outside… Stars Hollow (from gilmore girls), Rory’s study tree (from gilmore girls), the George Lopez set (new US sitcom), the retired Friends set (Central Perk)…the thingy that Brad Pitt rides in Troy, the Weasley’s flying car from Harry Potter, the Scooby Doo van, the bat mobile from Batman and Robin…our tour guide was awesome and told all about the tricks of the trade and stuff!!! SO cool!! πŸ™‚
Monday night there was a BBQ/braai/cookout at the hostel..which was great!! Then they had a movie night, but I went to bed early…10pm west coast time (1am east coast time)

We woke up at 4am west coast time (7am east coast time) to get the shuttle to the airport and board our flight to Atlanta at 7am…… however…after sitting on the plane for about 2 hours, we deplaned for about 30 mins, until they fixed whatever was wrong with the plane, then we got back on, took off….over the Pacific ocean (it was beautiful)…which was a little worrying, i’m pretty sure they did that in case the plane went down! πŸ˜› Then we got to Atlanta at about 5pm and were rushed straight to our new connecting flight to Baltimore (since we were 1.5 hours late for our orignial one) and landed at 7.30pm in Baltimore.
Matt picked Marion and I up and we went to the Ottobar to see Young Love play. (they’re the band that opened for Good Charlotte) However, they had cancelled the show and only the 3 supporting bands were playing, so we stayed to watch one, cant remember what they were called, but i liked them! Then Matt and I got something to eat and I eventually go to bed at about 11.30pm.

I’m going to leave the rest of this week until Sunday …. otherwise i’m gonna put all of you who arent alseep already, to sleep.
Hope everyone is good!! πŸ™‚
missing everyone like crazy…last Thursday it was a year since I was last in Durban!!

Peace and love to all…

ps: im gonna be putting all my pics on yahoo soon, will let u all know when they’re up! there are over 600!! πŸ˜›


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