>So, i haven’t posted a blog in a while, again…sorry, but things have been crazy and quiet at the same time…
first off, i have some rather big news….

A while ago Matt and I started talking about next year, and me leaving the USA when my visa is done…and we both agreed that we didn’t want that to be the end of us…. so, we spoke about our options and came to an understanding that marriage will definitely be an option for us next year…then we did some research and discovered that if we left the decision to the last minute that it wouldn’t be possible because of laws and paperwork. The paperwork for me to stay in the USA takes up to 7 months to be reviewed, so, we came to an understanding that we’d need to make a decision pretty soon….

So… we made a set decision a few weeks ago. We are getting married December 1st of this year. Matt hasn’t asked me officially yet,i don’t have a ring yet, but, we’ve picked it out, and now Matt is just saving up for it.

Now, for those of you who haven’t heard yet… i know this sounds insane and irrational, but, I need you to trust me and understand that I know exactly what I’m doing and that I’ve given this a lot of thought. I am 100% sure that Matt is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I cannot imagine anyone else ever making me as happy as Matt makes me. Of course, if there were no immigration laws we wouldn’t be getting married so soon, but, i do believe that we would eventually anyway….
People have asked me about how well i could possibly know Matt, since we’ve only been together since march. Well… we’ve been talking everyday for hours since February 13th, and since March 24th we’ve spent everyday possible together, whenever I’m not working I’m with Matt. Talking to him is so easy, we talk about everything, when we fight, we sort it out right away. Being with him just feels so right and so natural.

We’ve told our parents and I’ve told my host family, and everyone is supportive.
So, this is why I haven’t really posted a blog lately, we’re trying to save up for the wedding, so we’re not doing too much besides watching dvd’s and going to the gym (we recently joined together) and making wedding plans.
Matt also went to an immigration lawyer to find out about the paperwork, so we’re making sure we do everything right.

I hope nobody is too shocked, and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. 🙂
Oh, Matt and I will be going to South Africa for a late honeymoon in June. So, all of you back home will get to meet him and I’ll see you all one more time before coming back to the USA to settle down. I do plan on going home every 18 – 24 months though. I love my family and friends and hope to be able to see them when I can.

When we get back from SA I will work (waitress and maybe au pair a little for my host family over the summer next year) and save up a little to complete my Associates Degree in teaching(which i am studying towards after the summer this year) . Then I plan to study towards my bachelors degree in teaching. Matt and I are looking into finding an apartment for when we return from SA too. Matt makes enough money to support us while I study, we’re going to look into student loans and stuff for when I start my bachelors. We’ve thought and spoken about everything.

So, those are our plans… 🙂
I’m very excited to be planning a life with Matt.
I’ll keep you all update with wedding plans! 🙂

Love to all,


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