>A Place to call Home

So, It’s been a few months since I last blogged! πŸ™‚ Things have been pretty crazy! Let me update you.

So, this year so far has been pretty quite. Married life is still awesome! πŸ˜€ Still tough, not living together, but not for long!! (more on that later) The kids have been at school, but they will go on summer break on June 6th. So, not long to go. Otherwise they’re good, M is learning so fast, it’s so hard to believe that she couldn’t read 8 months ago and now she’s reading her first chapter book!! She’s also at a weird phase, she’ll be 6 soon and has developed quite a little personality. Work has been pretty difficult lately, I just feel like I have no patience left, but I’m hoping that once Matt and I are living together, that will get easier. It’s hard to explain… but, I’m doing better already and I’m continuing to learn more about myself and life along the way.

We sent our paperwork in in Jan/Feb and receive confirmation that they had received it all and that it was all filled out correctly. I then had a biometrics appointment, where they took my photograph and fingerprints. Next to come is a work permit and then… I think a court date/interview or something to help make the final decision.

So, in March we started looking at apartments and went to see a few. One of the first one’s we went to see was really nice and we liked it alot, but it was still early, so we took an application with us so we could think about it and make a decision closer to the time. We did take a drive around the apartment complex at 10.20pm on Friday night to get an idea of the neighborhood and the kind of people that stay there, and it was really quiet and peaceful. We drove around back and saw a really nice building, we both noticed it and liked it alot.

Throughout our apartment search we did thorough research on the area and checked reviews on the apartments, to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes. We also want a bulldog at some point, but since they can weigh up to 50 pounds, and most apartments have weight restrictions, we were starting to look more closely at apartments with a larger weight limit.

Then we found an apartment. It’s 20 mins away but we went over to take a look, and loved it. The management were amazing, the apartment was really nice, price was right, and… the weight limit was larger. We got impulsive and signed a lease on the spot. A day later we discovered that neither of us had checked the apartments ratings or crime statistics or anything, both of us thought we had seen them, but, to our dismay, the apartments were in a really bad neighborhood…. luckily we hadn’t sent in any employment verification or anything, so our lease wasn’t legally binding yet, so we were able to terminate it! Boy oh boy did we learn a lesson. It was so frustrating because we’d been so careful, and Murphy’s law…the one time we got a little impulsive…it was a bad decision.

The next week we called The first Apartment Complex back to see what rent specials they had and if they had any available apartments, they did. And the rent was going to be a couple hundred dollars less than it was the first time we looked. We decided that it was the one! We went and took a look at “our” apartment, and it is in the building we both loved so much when we drove through there that Friday night! So, we put down a deposit and we sign our lease and get our keys tomorrow!!

It just goes to show… Everything happens for a reason. If we hadn’t gone through all that trouble with the apartments 20 mins away we wouldn’t have gotten such a great deal on the apartment at The Apartment Complex

So, our apartment is 5 mins away from Matt’s parents (but it’s on the third floor so unfortunately Matt’s mom can’t visit, because she’s in a wheelchair and there are too many stairs). It’s one bedroom with living room and dining room, kitchen and bathroom and a balcony. Our balcony and windows look out to a quiet corner of the complex and we have a tree that is pretty close which also helps to create some privacy. There are laminate ‘wood’ floors throughout with a tiled kitchen and bathroom. We’re hoping to get a dog from a shelter so it’s good that there are no carpets.

The last few months have been spent trying to make sure we have everything we need. It’s been very exciting.
My host family have been amazing in making me feel at home and like part of the family, but to have a place that really is mine… to have a home again. I can’t wait. And… better yet… a place to share with the love of my life, a place for my family! πŸ™‚ I’m so beyond excited!!

Our first night in the apartment will be Friday night, and on Saturday the boys are moving the rest of the furniture while I have mothers day breakfast at the church with my mother in-law and her sisters and mom.

Well, that’s about it for now I guess. I hope you are all doing well!!
Missing everyone as always,
lots of love

ps: i cut my hair pretty short! πŸ™‚ and it was just in time for the heat, the weather is finally warming up!! πŸ™‚


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