>The beginning of my 24th year on this wonderful, beautiful, strange, exciting planet we call Earth…

>First of all….
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the things inbetween that I have missed since my last update. I hope this finds you all well!!

I have no idea where to even begin to update you. SO much has happened since I last blogged. I will try to do a quick update:

Moved into apartment
Finished working with the Anthony family (very sad, but they’re too big for a nanny now)
Got a bluetick coonhound puppy – Piper
Got my green card
Got a new job watching a 3 yr old and an 18th month old (both girls)
Started studying towards a teaching degree
Got another puppy – English Labrador Retriever – Phoebe

And now…the past 3-4 months we’ve spent trying to find a house to buy. We found the perfect house for our needs, and our budget. We put an offer in… and waited. Now, to explain:
The people who were living in the house were behind on their mortgage payments and were about to be foreclosed. So they got permission from their mortgage company, to sell the house as a short sale. Which means, the mortgage company will get less than what is owed for the house. But this is still better than a foreclosure.

So, once we put our offer in, we had to wait for their mortgage company to accept it.
Eventually, a month or so later, they came back with a counter offer…. They would accept our offer, but we had to pay $6000 towards closing costs. We dont have that kind of money upfront, so we gave them a counter offer, and agreed to add $6000 to the cost of the house, if they would pay all upfront closing cost fees. The week before last we got a verbal agreement and were all ready and just waiting for them to sign papers.

Now, we had to be out of our apartment by Sunday May 31st, so we were trying to close by Thursday (which was what was in our original contract), but things weren’t looking good for that.
Last week, they came back and said that actually, they would accept our offer of $6000 more, but they still wanted us to pay all closing costs.
We accepted. Our agent got the paperwork all set up, so we could move in on Friday, before we officially settled, so that we got out of our apartment before our lease was up.

On Thursday our agent found out, through the underwriting company, that the family who lived in the house had filed for bankruptcy and the house was scheduled to go to auction on Tuesday, June 2nd. The family’s agent knew about this, but didn’t not tell anyone. So, that night they got together with lawyers and signed papers to release the house from auction or whatever, so that it is all good for us to buy it. So, now we have to wait for the courts to receive this paperwork before we can officially settle.

So, we had booked a moving company for Friday and Matt stayed home from work to help get things together.
I was at work and got a phone call from Matt – He had just done the walk through of the house with our agent and found that the family had taken the washer, dryer and nice new fridge. It was in our contract that those stay with the house. When asked about it, the man of the house said something like ‘oh, we have it in the basement of the house we are renting. But I have no way of getting it back here – but you can come and pick it up. Oh, and we’ll have to make another plan for the washer and dryer”. Our agent told us that he would sort it all out – actually he said he will go there himself with a truck to get it.

On my way home Matt calls me and asks how much I thought the movers were going to cost..and I told him. He then said they were charging us over $500 more!! So, I am now fighting with the moving company about the ridiculous packing charges they added on.

We are in our house. We do not have a washer and dryer yet. We have the old fridge that the family left – which is not even in the kitchen. We do not know when settlement is yet. I am still fighting with the moving company. But, we are doing well. Roof over our heads. Enough money in our account to get through settlement when it eventually is time.

The house is old, but in pretty good condition. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, eat in kitchen, laundry room and an addition. The yard is big and fully fenced – the dogs are LOVING it!! We’ve met some neighbors and they’re really nice too.

Much love…


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