>Crazy pet owners

>So… Here goes my first “non-update” blog…

Matt and I will be going away together for the first time since our honeymoon(which my mom and sis accompanied us on…) So, needless to say, as newly weds of almost 2 years, a romantic getaway is much needed!

Ok, but this is not what is currently plaguing my thoughts, what is is the thought of leaving our dogs behind! They have never had to spend the night without us… They sleep on our bedroom floor every night!

The fact that I am guilt ridden at the thought of leaving our pups for a romantic getaway that is obviously needed and deserved…is somewhat disturbing!

At what point do pet owners become “that crazy dog/cat lady”? We have been known to put sweaters on piper in the winter(this will be phoebes first winter..so she hasn’t hasn’t had that pleasure just yet) the dogs sleep in our bedroom- on their beds on the floor. I don’t know… I would really prefer to NOT be a crazy pet owner- however, if loving our dogs like family is considered crazy… Then i am certifiably crazy!!!

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