>New Year…


So, it’s 2010…
I hope everyone had a very merry festive season! My Christmas was pretty quiet… Matt and I “exchanged” gifts months early. I got him a PS3 (for those of you who are not tech-savvy, that is a gaming console which also plays blu-rays – “high definition DVD’s” – and can connect to the internet and allow us to play with other people with PS3’s anywhere in the world). And he got me a Canon Rebel Xsi (450D), which is an SLR camera – which basically means it can be expanded – the lenses can be changed, flashes can be added, etc. It is a very very nice camera! To see a couple of the pics I’ve taken with it check out : http://satori5.deviantart.com .

Anyways, since we exchanged gifts very early – Christmas wasn’t too exciting for us, but we enjoyed our long weekend and our time together and with Matt’s family. We had also done all our Christmas shopping early, so we were quite excited to give our gifts out. We had my old host family over a couple of weeks before Christmas to exchange gifts – it was great to see them all, and to have them over at our house. I must say, I don’t miss them any less, but it is getting easier being away from the family during the holidays. I woke up super early on Christmas to skype with my family and managed to get my dad on skype while we were with Matt’s family.

New years eve was quiet also, we had dinner with Matt’s parents and his sister, and then his cousin, Chris and Chris’ girlfriend came over and we played some games and hung out until midnight.

I was also on winter break from university, which was great – I haven’t had a real break since I started at the very begining of the year – 2009! So, it was very nice to have to stress about assignments, etc. But, now the new year has begun, and I am back at it. But, thankfully, I will be done with my associates degree by the end of this year, and will be working my way towards my bachelors in Elementary Education.

I am still nannying for the same family – things are good at work… the girls are getting bigger and more independant, and they’re starting to play together. I will admit that I am ready for a change, and am looking forward to being able to interact with children in a formal school setting.

With the move and having my friends over from South Africa last year… we have, unfortunately, racked up a little pile of credit card debt, but we’re on track to  paying everything off by April/May this year! Then we will begin saving for vacations, and to do work on the house. (After we have paid off and closed all credit card accounts!!)

Oh, and about my previous post – Piper is much better about the cat… she no longer follows him around like a mother and can be seperated from him without any problems. He still suckles on her every so often, but he does the same to Phoebe. Hopefully he’ll grow out of that soon. Speaking of which – he is going to get neutered tomorrow – so we’re hoping that this will help him calm down a little.

I am also trying to improve my cooking skills this year – and putting our new slow cooker (courtesy of my dad and step mom for Christmas) to good use. I have started another blog to document my attempts: http://disastercook.blogspot.com . It is still getting started, so there is not too much to see as yet.

So, that’s about all the news I have right now…
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Oh, and we had a big snowstorm the week before Christmas – so we had a white Christmas!! 🙂


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