>I think I can..I think I can

>Over the weekend I rearranged and organized my “office” a little better… I now find that I want to spend time in there! I am sure this novelty will not last, however, I am enjoying it in the meantime!

Although I’ve rearranged the furniture a bit and organized our filing drawers… my office is still pink and yellow, with falling down wallpaper border (bumble-bees) along the top… So, that will be my next project in that room, most likely – repainting… Not sure what color to go with, I kinda like the pink, but will probably go with something a little more calmer and serene.

My BIG project for that room is to make the windows larger… they are currently very small rectangular windows that make me feel like I’m incarcerated. This does not bode well for the room where I should be doing college work and paying bills… although those tasks do sometimes make me feel imprisoned.

Also – I share my office with a furry friend. Ray-Ray our cat. His possessions include his litter box, food, water, and bed (which he has never used). I am ok with sharing my space with him, and it motivates me to change his litter frequently! eugh!

Work has been going great lately – the girls are at a great age where they are learning to be more independent and listen to direction without almost any hassles. We are currently working on tiding up toys after we’ve played with them, so that there is never a HUGE mess to clean up at any point in the day. So far so … GREAT! 🙂 Lil E is pretty much over her terrible twos… and is just getting cuter by the day! Big E has to be the smartest ‘almost 4’ year old in the world!! She amazes and inspires me!

Matt and I have become crazed ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans… a little late on the uptake, but that doesn’t make us any less dedicated than any die hard fans out there! 😛 We’re a little sad now, because we have recently watched all the previous seasons on dvd and now have to wait, like everyone else, for new episodes to air.

Ok, well, that’s all from me today! (Two posts in one day!! Me? Couldn’t be!)
Peace and love,


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