>Kiss Me I’m Irish

>Not really, but St Paddy’s is just around the corner.

Today the girls and I made some St Paddy’s crowns, I got the idea from this awesome website, which has lots of cool stuff for child care providers, or mothers, or those of you who are young at heart and enjoy making silly crafts – I know you’re out there.

These crowns are very easy to make and the girls loved making them. I made two crowns, but I’ll give directions for one crown…
For one crown you will need:

1 x sheet of construction paper; any color is fine (per crown)
1 x sheet of green card stock
colored markers
glitter glue (or any embellishment you have handy – stickers, regular glitter…)
glue or tape or something to stick everything together…

I started by drawing a shamrock/clover onto the green card stock and cutting it out

Then, I traced as many as would fit on the card stock paper – I managed to fit 4 clovers in total; 2 per crown I was making.

Then, I cut them all out. Although these were not my supplies (my employers provide all the craft supplies for the girls), I am always conscious of waste… so…
I went back and put tiny shamrocks/clovers anywhere where there was still enough card stock, and cut them out. It worked out well for me, I managed to squeeze 4 tiny clovers out of the card stock scraps (again, 2 per crown I was making)

Then I took a sheet of yellow construction paper (you can use any color) and folded it in half – cutting along the folded edge. These are going to be the actual crown…
I then let the girls at it… they drew on the bands and then they drew on the shamrocks and glittered them up.

After that… you tape/glue one band to the other and then measure it on the child’s head, marking where to tape, and tape/glue the two ends together. Finally, you glue on the shamrocks….


Super easy, super fun!! 🙂

Happy crafting!


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