>Seven goals… for the next seven days….

>I got the idea for this post from this wonderful blog.

(picture from here)

1. Finish all my schoolwork for the week
2. Finish my two final projects for school
3. Wake up with my hubby (at 5.30am) and run for 20-30 minutes on the treadmill
4. Turn off the television at 10pm (yup – even if 16 and Pregnant is on)
5. Clean out the cat’s litterbox everyday (“what!?” you say “she doesnt do this already?”)
6. Paint around the kitchen cabinet, so it matches the rest of the newly painted kitchen
7. Plan a page for my scrapbook (which should have been completed almost 2 years ago – its a scrapbook of my first year in the U.S.A, as an au pair)

There are many other things I’d like to get done, but I wanted to make this a realistic goal that I have some hope of achieving!! My plans to complete my final projects may be wishful thinking — but, I’m going to stay optimistic!!

On a side note: our Disney trip is 68 days away!! Yeehaw!! We’ve booked character meals for every day but one… so we are in full excitement mode!! Somewhat related news: I have ordered an official Mad Hatters hat!! (It’s sort of an early birthday gift from my hubby… that’s my excuse for the impromptu buy) Will put up pics of me with my new hat…alongside my life-size cardboard cutout of the Mad Hatter (oh, I didn’t mention this impromptu buy? oops!) soon.

Hope everyone is doing well and has managed to elude this awful cold that is going around, unlike my two little charges and I…
Much love


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