>Mad as a Hatter

>Ok… so my Mad Hatter’s hat arrived on Thursday!! It is beautiful!!

I thought that this would be a good opportunity to express my love for hats and all things mad hatter! 😛

I have loved hats for almost as long as I can remember – ok, not really…I remember the first hat I got, that wasn’t a “kids” hat. It was the year 1998, or 1997… it was a black corduroy hat…below is a pic of my mom and me – wearing the hat…

I loved this hat so much… that when I lost it (I know – imagine how distraught I was) my friend Ria; who had bought one for herself when she saw how much joy the hat brought me, gave me hers. Terrible thing…I lost that one too!!

Thankfully, my next hat was just around the corner…

My friend Sylvia had this hat, that I wore every opportunity that I got. It was nothing fancy, but it came from Ecuador, South America (where Sylvia’s mother is from)… so it was “one of a kind”. It was black and white, I believe, horizontally stripped… knitted with very thick wool or something of that nature. It fit my head perfectly. It was shaped almost like a “beanie”, although it was much thicker.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you about my friends hat? Well, Sylvia went to Ecuador with her family in 2000, and she brought me back, my very own…Ecuador hat!! 🙂 It was not black and white… it was white with colorful patterns on it.

Another hat that I absolutely adored was bought for me by my mother, on a trip to Australia. I suppose she recognized my love for hats, before I had truly acknowledged it. It was sometime between the years 2000 and 2001… I remember because I remember the day it was lost like it was yesterday. It was December in the year 2001, I was at a church leadership camp known as December camp. We were on our trip to the beach and I was feeling good! Wearing my awesome hat (which was also a knit type of hat, but it was looser fitting and had a small curve around the bottom, like a thin brim almost)… when it was time to leave, I realized that I had taken the hat off to swim, and it was no longer with my other belongings! It was a terrible day for hats!!

After that I went through many hats, most of which I still have!! I even own a black and blue ‘jester-type’ hat, that I splurged on at some point.

I’ve been told that I am lucky, because hats suit me…. I had never given this any thought before, because quite frankly, that doesn’t matter to me.
However, since I started cutting my hair short, I have not worn hats quite as frequently as I’d like, because with short hair, a hat makes me look like I have no hair at all…. So, everytime I think about going short…it’s an internal battle between the hat lover in me, and the minimalist that loves the simplicity of having short hair! (And it’s easier to dye short hair.)
Here are a few of the hats I have with me in the U.S.A, some of which I brought with me when I came over, but most of which I obtained whilst being over here. I believe I have some hats still back in S.A. – such as the blue and black ‘jester-type’ hat I mentioned before.

The Mad Hatter character is just a fun, crazy character, that I can relate to… although I have not gone loopy because of inhaling glue (like hatters did, back in the day)… I can be known to be a little goofy at times, and I also have a bit of temper – just like the mad hatter character, who can go from being two beers short of a six pack, to being very dark and angry. I also love the idea of a tea party! And celebrating unbirthdays!! Hence – my love for Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter!!!


2 thoughts on “>Mad as a Hatter

  1. >Oh my word, you still have "my" hat! That was from so long ago!! I'm glad you like it though 🙂 I still have that black and white one in my cupboard somewhere! And all the other hats are very cool! The madhatter one really suits you 😉

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