>Would I Like a Label Maker?

>The other night my hubby randomly asked me if I’d like a label maker…

I could only stare dumbfounded…something like this…

(Ok… my gaping mouth was happier, and closer to this…)

Now… if you know anyone who loves organizing and gets excited at the thought of “storage”…then you can possibly understand my amazed happiness.
Firstly – ecstatic that my hubby suggested it
Secondly – shocked that he thought of it
Thirdly – surprised that he didn’t know the answer to that already…

Overall… It was an exciting, “OH YEAH!!” moment for me!!

Guess who is getting a label maker for her birthday/Christmas/anniversary/other special occasion.

That’s right!!
This girl!!

On a side note (like left field side), my seven goals for seven days did not go according to plan.
This week has already started and as I suspected, it’s going to be a very rough one!! 2 final projects due on Sunday – neither of which I have started!!! Caffeine anyone?

Much love and peace


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