>Your personal information is at risk on spokeo!!


I just read about this on a post from Frugal Creativity and think everyone needs to be aware of this!!

Go to spokeo.com and do a search with your name – I just did, and there was all sorts of information about me on there!! Granted, it was an old address, BUT, my address was still on there, along with a google maps view of my old apartment and other personal information.
If you click on the little privacy tab on the bottom of the page, and following the instructions, you can remove your profile from the website and database!

Please please take the time to do this! Although the information may not be correct, it still shouldn’t be out there!!


3 thoughts on “>Your personal information is at risk on spokeo!!

  1. >Hi Bon. Thanks for following me on What's a Mom to Do? I'm following you back. Here's a tip…when you follow a blog, post a comment and ask that blogger to follow you back and add your URL on it. Also, add your blog name (in caps…stands out more) to my Friday Follow Blog Hop each week. You can find it here: http://whatdoesamomdo.blogspot.com/p/friday-follow-blog-hop.html and/or my Tuesday themed blog hop found here: http://whatdoesamomdo.blogspot.com/p/themed-blog-hops.htmlANYWAY, thanks for the info about spokeo, I am off to check it out! Happy Friday!

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