>A Mother’s Love Can Transcend Species

>ShutterLoveTuesdays Theme: A Mother’s Love

So, if you are a long time follower – you may remember this post, however; if you are a new follower – I will give you a quick recap.
We adopted a new kitten from the shelter last Nov/Dec and our wonderful, loving dogs took to him immediately. Piper , our bluetick coonhound, especially. In fact, she became a completely different dog. She began to nurse the kitten, and treat him as if he were her puppy/kitten/baby… she couldn’t stand to be apart from him; so much so that we had to let her sleep in my office with the kitten – and she used to sleep in our bedroom. 
Now, I understand that the theme for Shutter Love Tuesdays is ‘A Mother’s Love’, and I’m sure they may not be looking for animal mother subjects to the photographs, but… the love our Piper shared with our kitten was very special and it warmed my heart to see that our beautiful pup was caring and nurturing enough to take extra special care of the new addition (especially since we had read that bluetick coonhounds cannot cohabit with smaller animals/pets because it is their nature to hunt). The love she showed our kitty was definitely a motherly love!
And so… I give you… a very special example of a “mother’s” love…
(I would like to add – that the third photo was NOT staged… she really snuggled up with him with her paw over him!)

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