>My Disney Experience – The Details


In an attempt not to bore you to death – I will try to only share exciting details about my first Disney experience.
First – lets get to the tips… now, there are so many books out there, and mathematical formulas that tell you which days to avoid which parks… we threw all of that out of the window. We went to the parks that were most convenient on that particular day.
Which, worked out for us – for the most part.
Granted, we went May 22 – May 27, which is not quite peak season – but, let me tell you – it was crowded already!
For the Magic Kingdom; I would advise getting the earliest reservation for breakfast at the Crystal Palace – it is a buffet style breakfast with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. The Crystal Palace is a beautiful restaurant, and we had a wonderful view of the castle from where we were sitting. The food was great, the characters were great….and….BONUS – we got to enter the Magic Kingdom first. We were literally the second “group” or family to be let in…so we got to walk down main street while it was empty – which proved wonderful for photographs. I’d just like to add – we did this on the morning of my birthday….What an amazing start to my special day!!
So, we had reservations for the first seating – and once we saw all the characters, it was about 15-20 minutes (if that) after the park had opened – so it was still VERY quiet. We headed straight for Fantasyland (I think)…and got right on all the “kiddie” rides – Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Peter Pan… with NO waits! I’m sure it was quiet at the rest of the lands in the park too.
That night happened to be Extra Magic Hours, so we went back to Magic Kingdom about an hour or two before closing – where we got to see a parade (by accident). At that point – we got to walk onto Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain (which we actually didn’t do…but there was no line), Philarmagic, and It’s a Small World.
Now, for Epcot – we had the same idea as most people did – we arrived at park opening and headed straight for Soarin’. That ride’s reputation has become well known – fast passes sell out before 11am, and the lines are long ALL day long. There were a lot of people headed to that ride, but, surprisingly, lots of people got fast passes for it. We just went right on to the line and had to wait for maybe 2 “flights” before it was our turn. It wasn’t a long wait at all.
My Almost Panic Attack
Ok, so I have a serious fear of heights, and roller coasters. I find that once I “force” myself on the mild ones, I actually enjoy them. But I get a great deal of anxiety before getting on them, especially when they take you up…only to drop you. I hate ski lifts and anything like that.
Before our trip I had read up about most of the rides, especially the popular ones – Soarin’ being one of them, and I understood exactly what it entailed. It is a simulator that simulates para-sailing – with a large IMAX type screen that wraps under you – while you are seated on a para-sail type bench which is lifted off the ground and it tilts, etc to make the ride feel more realistic. I was ready for it.
Until…I read the warnings and watched the pre-flight safety video. It warns that people who are afraid of heights may want to skip it. I suck it up, and get on the ride. Of course…Murphy’s law…We’re in the front row. After I’m buckled, I turn to hubby and say “I don’t want to do this”…he says “fine”… then I come to realize that I cannot unbuckle. As a safety precaution, once you’re buckled, you cannot unbuckle. I start to panic, and come close to crying… “they should give you one last chance to leave….” I am pretty much freaking out at this point. Hubby puts his arm across my lap to make me feel safer…and …. away we go….
Of course…
I loved it!! It was amazing!
Boy did I feel sheepish!!
Other tips… get to the parks early – take the afternoon off for rest, and go back in evening if you MUST see the fireworks and parades. There are lots of characters at Epcot! We saw almost all of the princesses there (Jasmine & Alladin, Beauty & The Beast -although we didn’t see Beast, he was there at some point during the day-, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Mulan.) They are all in the World Showcase at certain times on most days.
I did not do many “thrill” rides – I think the only ride that I did, which could be considered a roller coaster, would be Space Mountain. And I only did that because hubby didn’t tell me there were lots of drops and turns… and it was all indoors, so I didn’t know any better. And, of course, I’m glad I did it, because I did enjoy it!
It was a wonderful vacation! The characters were GREAT!! I really liked chatting to the princesses while they signed my autograph book and posed for photographs. Interacting with Pooh and the “non verbal” characters was fun too!!
I can’t wait to have children to share the magic with!
(I will add photo’s soon)

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