>Facebook – What’s the Point Exactly?

>Lately I have been more observant about what people post of facebook… and what their possible intentions could be. I do not claim to have any real knowledge of why people do or say the things they do and say… but I’ve started to wonder what people’s motives are.

Not only that, but I’ve started thinking carefully about my own motives too. So often people do things and do not even consider the reason why they do them. Why do we feel the need to post status updates for the “facebook-world” to see? Is it because we want all our old friends to know how happy and successful we are? Is is because we want sympathy when we are feeling down? Is it because we want to show off our latest accomplishments?

Also, why are we friends with the people we are friends with on facebook? Is it because we want to keep these people in-the-loop of what is happening in our lives? Or is it to keep tabs on what is happening in their lives? Are these people we would stop and share our daily thoughts and “statuses” with if we saw them in the mall?

I have had my profile set to private for quite some time… and I’ve also ensured that I know each person on my friends list, personally. I also understand if a long lost school acquaintance or friend “friends” me or I find them and request their “facebook friendship” just to catch up quickly on what they’ve been up to since I last saw them, but after a few months… there is no real purpose to having them linked to my facebook page.

I really hope I am not coming across as a snob, because I really don’t judge anyone who uses facebooks and has hundreds of friends… it’s just not for me. I suppose, if you don’t put any private photo’s or intimate details about your life, marriage, pregnancy, job, children, family…. then having random people or acquaintances as your facebook friends really doesn’t matter.

I am also more aware of what I put up on facebook and why I do it…. when I mention a concert I am going to or an event I am attending…. is it because I am excited and I want to share that with my family and friends…or is it because I want to “show off”?

So…all of that being said….
I plan to use my blog more often, to share experiences with people… rather than just updating my facebook status with something exciting that I get to experience…I will write about it here…. and actually share the experience…. If it is not worthy of a blog post… then it definitely is not worthy of a status update!!

Additionally, I have cleaned up my facebook friend’s list … I don’t know why, but I feel so guilty for deleting facebook friends…. But, it is never anything personal, I just want my facebook page to have a clearer purpose, and if I don’t keep in touch with you (even when we’re facebook friends) then what is the point exactly? I don’t need people to “keep tabs” on me, and I don’t want to learn things about other people’s lives through facebook, unless we keep in touch anyway – or if we hang out and facebook is a good way to stay connected in that sense.

Not sure if any of that made sense…
I just encourage people to consider the purpose of their facebook page and their facebook friends…? Just a thought.

Much love,


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