>Rediscovering my love for art

>I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, coloring… all sorts of arts and crafts, this love has carried over to my job and I enjoy doing art/craft projects with the girls that I watch (Lil and Big E). Now … Simply because you love to do something, or thoroughly enjoy doing something – this does not automatically mean you have any talent in that particular area. I’m sure we’ve all seen some American Idol auditions…

Although I love to sing… I know I have no semblance of singing talent – so I would never put anyone through the pain of having to listen to me… However, I also love to dance, but I think I have some rhythm and therefore I have subjected people to watching me take part in dancing “shows”, concerts, plays…. etc. (If you happen to be one of the people “subjected” to this…and if it caused you any pain…I sincerely apologize) In the same sense, my love for drawing does not necessarily accompany any talent… however, when I look at some of my drawings- they mostly come out how they look in my head, therefore I am more apt at sharing or showing my drawings to people…now, once again… if this causes you pain, or if it’s just horrible to look at – let me know and I will try not to subject you to my drawings again! 

Needless to say, I do not think I am the next Leonardo … I know that I have lots of things to improve upon when it comes to my drawing. This sketch that I am going to share with you has it’s flaws…I know where they are… but, before you masacre me with your critiques… I just want to point out that I have not sketched in YEARS (and I have never attempted a portrait of any kind before)…and I only spent about two hours on it – granted, perhaps I should have dedicated more time if I was planning on sharing it with my blog family… however, I didn’t intend to be even remotely happy with it… so…..

Without further ado …. here is my sketch ‘Our Silly “Puppy” Piper

6 thoughts on “>Rediscovering my love for art

  1. >I also taught myself to draw about 3 years ago. I love, love this sketch. It shows your personality and your great sense of humor (i love the stuff about aplogizing those who had heard you sing or dance – i so get that). You did really, really great. My best tip is get a sketchbook so you can keep your drawings in one place and see how you've progressed. I have 6 now since I started 3 years ago.

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