>What Were We Thinking!?

>Hubby and I moved into our house almost a year and a half ago, and the kitchen has been something that we have discussed working on ever since we moved… however, there is so much that we want to do, and it always seemed so expensive.

Now – I did blog about how we took down the wood paneling in the kitchen, and painted… we have also taken down the “jail bars” that used to separate the kitchen and the living room. However, we still wanted to replace the cupboard and hood above the stove, improve the lighting, fix up the back-splash, and replace the old cupboards and do the floor – not to mention put up a replacement door frame (for the one we took down, because it was cracked up and half missing) and floor molding.

[I totally thought I had more “before photo’s” … apparently not… but… here are the one’s that I do have…]

Before we took down the wood paneling and painted
After we painted, etc (please notice the AWFUL “back-splash”, above range hood, and the cupboard above the stove that is almost falling down)
This is another view in our kitchen, where you can sort of see the ceiling fan at the top?

So… on a Friday night we were a little bored and somehow we decided that we could afford to spend a certain amount (not a whole lot) on the kitchen. So we decided on the exact amount we could spend, what was most important to get done with that amount…and off we went to the store…this was at about 7pm…

We decided that over the weekend we would do the following:

  • Replace the cupboard above the stove
  • Replace the hood above the stove 
  • Replace the ceiling fan with a chandelier
  • Tile a new backsplash
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Install a dimmer for the chandelier
  • Replace outlet covers
  • Replace door frame and floor molding

Of all of these – we bought supplies for everything, except the door frame and molding…and we got some supplies for future projects….

So… we got it in our heads that we were going to do all of that over the weekend. Seriously… WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?

Friday night
Hubby and I installed  the under cabinet lighting.
I began figuring out how much of our chosen back-splash tile we would need.

After another trip to the store for additional supplies…
Hubby installed our new chandelier and dimmer switch
I started measuring, cutting up, and sticking up backerboard and tile adhesive sheets for the back-splash
Hubby put together the new cupboard

Another trip to the store for supplies…
I began cutting tiles and put up the rest of the backerboard
Hubby tore down the old cupboard and took down the old range hood
Hubby installed the new cupboard and new range hood

Monday night (after work)
Hubby and I tiled the back-splash behind the stove and along the side of the new cupboard and hood

Tuesday night (after work)

We decided that we still had enough left in our budget to “splurge” on new laminate wood flooring…
So… measured floor… figured out how to do it, what we would need, etc…Discovered that the flooring we want is on sale until Wednesday, so…after we finished off tiling the back-splash…off to the store to buy the flooring materials…

Wednesday – Friday night (after work)
We scrubbed tile grout… which – let me tell you – was the most painfully tedious task I have ever done!

Saturday – Sunday
Hubby finished off all shoe molding and the door frame.
We removed the old “half door” that used to separate the kitchen from the “man cave” and bought and installed a baby gate – because hubby shares his “man cave” with the dogs.
I caulked around the backsplash.

Monday (this was a month or so back – and the Monday was a National Holiday)
Finished off all little jobs around the kitchen…
Laid down the underpad and installed the laminate floor (technically, we only started doing the floor at about 8pm… so we were up until after 1am).

Over the following week
Hubby installed shoe molding and new door frame.
I caulked around new shoe molding and door frame and painted where necessary.

Sometime during all of this – we ordered a new kitchen table… which was eventually delivered. We also hung new kitchen curtains.

So, without further adeu
…. here are the after photos…

  It was a lot of work, but SO worth it! And it’s even more satisfying knowing that we did it ALL ourselves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen!

We did some work in the bathroom too – I’ll post photo’s and all soon…just waiting on hubby to do one last DIY job in there, but he seems to be avoiding it like the plague! heehee!

Otherwise, things are going great on this side of the world – I will share more in another blog soon!
Hope you are all well!

 Much love and peace,
God bless.


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