>Guilty As Charged


I would like to formally introduce you to Phoebe… our almost-2-year-old “Black Labrador”…. This is in quotation marks, because although we met her mother and siblings when we bought her (and they were clearly Black Labradors)…she, as it turns out, is what is known as an English Labrador…or possibly a New England Water Labrador… these labs are shorter and stockier than the “standard” labs one thinks of.
However… we think perhaps our little Phoebe has some sort of little dog* gene… because her legs are tiny!

She is a happy and healthy pup – she just looks a little bit like a black lab crossed with a sausage dog. We love her to bits!

Okay – now that you’ve met sweet little Phoebe…. let me tell you what an awful pet owner I have been.

Usually after she goes on heat she has bad breath… like, pretty darn bad breath. But, after a month or so, it goes away. So a few months ago – she went on heat, and then…the bad breath follow. However, after a while…it got throw up in your mouth really bad! Everyone kept telling us to check her teeth and make sure nothing was stuck – which I did…and I couldn’t see anything and because it only ever happened after she was on heat, we thought it must be some sort of stomach problem. So we gave her charcoal tablets for a while…which did not help.

She also started whining a whole lot… which I assumed was because her belly was aching**…
When she started to move her jaw around a lot and slobbering a whole lot… we started to get a little worried. But, again, we remembered that happening before for a short time.

So – one morning while she was half on my lap as I sat on the couch – I pried her mouth open – thinking that perhaps something was at the back of her mouth – and I saw something that looked like a stick across the roof of her mouth. I hurried to get some gloves so I could pry whatever it was out – but, when I looked again I noticed the redness…and figured she needed to go to the vet because it was infected****.

I felt so bad and guilty that I actually cried for most of the morning (before I left for work, on my way to work, and even a little bit at work)- because we couldn’t take her to the vet until I got home from work, but also because we hadn’t found it sooner! 😦

So, we took her to the vet, he put her under and took the stick out (and found another one in there too…it hadn’t been in there as long) and she’s now on antibiotics.
As she ran out from the back of the vets office with her little pink bandage on her leg…she looked like the happiest dog in the world!!

Now – our dogs love to chew sticks… and obviously thinking that we are going to be able to stop them, is hopeless. However, I intend to check their mouths (thoroughly!!) every week, for sticks.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you the story of how I bent her tail in the door when she was a puppy….*****

I hope you are all well and happy!
God bless.

*Like a little person gene
** Or simply because her mouth tasted so nasty
*** Not somewhere we had checked before
**** Hence the awful smell – duh!
***** And the award for the worst pet owner ever goes to…..

Disclaimer: We thoroughly love and care for our dogs! My husband actually thinks I baby them too much, because I keep a heater in “their” room in the winter. They get lots of snuggles and sometimes I even take the guest room an extra mattress and lay it on the floor in the lounge so I can snuggle with them (they’re not allowed on the sofa). So please don’t judge me based on my stupid mistake with the stick…or the tail and the door…..


One thought on “>Guilty As Charged

  1. >Poor pup AND pup-mama!!!The important thing is you found it, and immediately had it treated instead of just yanking it out and hoping for the best. You'll both be fine. 🙂

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