>Ice Explosions

>Whenever there is light snow followed by freezing temps, or freezing rain/sleet…. the cars get this layer of ice/frozen snow…. almost like an ice-skin…

There is nothing quite like driving down the freeway and seeing these explosions of ice as the cars shed their ice-skins… it’s like a symphony of ice flying into the air from all angles and then crashing down into the road.

I found this video (click here) for those of you in warmer climates who haven’t witnessed this for yourselves…. yes – it is dangerous…

However, this morning – after the ice had had some time to melt, it was softer, and therefore not really dangerous… so, while I was driving into work…. I was able to laugh at how amusing it was to see car after car explode into pieces of ice. It looked just like the one’s in the video I mentioned, except there seemed to be more of it all at once… the way the ice flies off the cars; it almost looks like it’s happening in slow motion – until it slams into the road and breaks into tiny pieces.

Of course, when some softened ice flew off of my car’s hood – it exploded onto my windshield and gave me a near heart attack! Serves me right for laughing at everyone else, right?

Needless to say – I amused myself on my way into work this morning!


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