>Blessed – Part One

>This past weekend I felt truly blessed… it was a great weekend!

Well… it started out with something not so great – I got a flat tire….

My tire has had a slow leak ever since we bought it and had it put on… I have had to constantly fill it with air. Hubby insisted it was the change in temperatures, etc. So – I’ve just dealt with it.

On Friday morning I woke up and realized hubby didn’t take the recycle out and I stomped off and took the recycle out, which took a few trips. Each time – I had to walk past the car….
Then, as I was getting into the car – I hit my head… hard!*
But, I continued on my merry way**. I immediately noticed that the car felt heavy… but we had had some snow/ice, so I didn’t worry too much. While I was driving, I grew more and more concerned….

I was “lucky” enough to get a red light right before I turned onto the freeway/highway/where the cars go fast. So, I opened my door and peered over my tire…
It was flat as a pancake!!

“Luckily” there was not much traffic when the light turned green, so I was able to get out of the left turn only lane and managed to pull over on the side of road.

I called hubby – and he left work to come and help me change the tire.
Then I called work and said I’d be a little late.

When hubby arrives he leads me to a truck rental property that is just a few yards away – so that he doesn’t have to risk his life by changing the tire half in the busy road.

He gets busy changing the tire… then we realize that we are in a truck drivers way… but he is very nice and when he realizes that we’re changing a tire, he is very patient and just parks and keeps himself busy while he waits. ****
The lug-nut-lock on our tire is on too tight, and the key breaks*****. 
We are stuck… I call back into work to explain that this could take a little/a lot longer than expected…

I just want to deviate a little bit here – and if you have ever worked in child care*** you know that calling out is something that is very difficult to do. You can’t help but feel guilty and just horrible…
I hate calling out and even if I could really use the impromptu day off, I still hate doing it… So… to have employers like mine – is such a blessing. They are super understanding and don’t make me feel any more guilty than I make myself feel when I need to call out.

Back to the story…
We start calling around trying to find a reputable tow truck company… when the truck drive (yes, the same one) comes to our assistance, trying to get the lock off with his tools… after many attempts, he fills our tire with air (from his air compressor in his truck) and this enables us to drive the car to the nearby tire place.

It takes pretty much the remainder of the morning for the car place to get all the lug-nut-locks off the tires and find and repair the leak in the tire – but it was not as expensive as it would have been, if we had needed a tow.

It sure is great to have God’s favor on your life!!For that truck driver to be there at that exact time and to be so helpful and kind…. what a blessing!!

I will continue the tale of my blessed weekend in another post…. 🙂


*Clearly God was trying to say “Hey! You have a flat tire…. haven’t you noticed yet!?”
**After checking my head for blood in the rear-view mirror
*** Not in a day care, but for a family… as an in-home babysitter/nanny/au pair
**** This is all very important…trust me
***** Basically, we cannot get the last lug-nut off the tire to change it


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