>Blessed – Part Two


So, to continue on from last week’s post…

Friday started out kind of bad, with a flat tire…
But we were able to see God’s favor in our lives through the truck driver who graciously helped us and ended up saving us from having to get our car towed.

Then… on Saturday morning we went to a luncheon at the church to learn about membership. It was nice to spend some time with some of the people from the church and hear the pastor explain what membership is and to get an idea of what is important to the leaders of the church.

I love our church because they don’t care about silly politics, they don’t care how you dress, or any other superficial rubbish…all that matters is learning more about our Lord and Savior, and trying to reach those whom are yet to be saved. Another thing that is important to the people of the church are the children, and childrens ministry. There are great programs, led by great people for children of all ages. I also feel that the Pastors teach a clear message … even when they know they may offend some people – they preach from the Word of God.

On Sunday morning we went to church…
During the offering, the choir usually sings a song, and on this particular Sunday, they were singing a song with a little bit of an African beat…so the worship leader dedicated the song to me… 🙂 Now, I know it was more of a way to lead into the song and introduce it… but…it touched my heart*. The words to the song were also very meaningful to me, that morning, and if I’m being honest – I’d say that it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Then… Hubby and I became members of the church.

After being welcomed into this wonderful House of God… and feeling accepted and loved by these wonderful people that we have come to know…. I felt blessed. There may be things that I feel my life lacks… there may be hard times that I don’t understand… life may just seem unfair sometimes… but this weekend helped me to remember just how blessed I am and we are!

I look forward to getting to know the people in the church, and being challenged in my walk with Christ.

I hope you all find time to think about you’re lives and how they are blessed – even if you’re going through something difficult.
God bless.


*After it caused me to go blood-red in the face from embarrassment, I hate being the center of attention and having everyone look at me


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