>A Traumatic Experience

>I haven’t written a post in quite a while, and I realize that this is unacceptable… especially since I no longer keep in touch via facebook…

So – I will try to catch you up on what has been happening in the past month or so…

A while back Phoebe, our mini-black lab who had the stick stuck in her mouth had a seizure…
We were watching a movie, and the dogs were snuggled close to together near the couch. We noticed that Phoebe seemed to be trying to get up, as if she was stuck between Piper and the couch, so I leaned over to push her and help her get up, and she rolled back, as if to get a belly rub – and that’s when we realized that she was seizing. Her mouth was clamped shut and it sounded like she couldn’t breath and her muscles were spasming (not a real word apparently)…
I have been caught in line of gunfire during a pawn store robbery, have been mugged, as a preteen I was caught in a school during a tornado (I remember the news calling it a tornado, but they’re not common in South Africa), and I have been truly frightened for my life a couple of times…
I have never been so terrified and distraught in all my life…

I was sitting on the floor, watching my dog have, what I thought was a heart attack or something – while she looked at me… I honestly thought she was going to die right in front of me, and there was nothing I could do, except hold her.
We were so frightened and panicked, we decided to try and get her to a vet… so we got up to put our shoes on and when she realized we were leaving, she tried to get up and walk over to us, and she fell down, because her muscles were still spasming and she couldnn’t walk.

Hubby picked her up and we jumped in the car – letting Piper join us, without a leash… we just wanted to get in the car and get to a vet…
While we were driving to the vet, she came out of it…. she stopped spasming and kind of stared off into space for a bit… so we turned around to head home.
As we were driving, we passed somewhere that was cooking food, and as soon as she smell the food… she was back to normal… 🙂

She hasn’t had any problems since.
We did some research, and apparently it’s not a cause for alarm, unless it happens more than once in a 24 hour period (this is an emergency and the dog should be taken to an emergency vet ASAP)… and if it happens three times, one should take the dog to a vet for some tests and the dog will possibly be put on medication.

It was a very traumatic experience and wore both hubby and me out for the rest of the night. We were emotionally drained. Looking into our dog’s eyes, thinking she was looking to us for help, and knowing that there is nothing we could do – and thinking she was going to die…. it was just awful!!

But – she is back to her happy healthy self – no problems, no issues…
Just a few extra belly rubs and love!

Much love,


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