>Overdue Update

>Okay, so I’ve been really bad about blogging and keeping you all updated on what’s new in my life… and I’m terribly sorry…

There is not much new really though…

Still no sign of RayRay… and I do still intend to dedicate a post to my awesome cat! But, I want to do it justice, so it’ll have to wait until I have enough time.

Things on this end are going well, I’m still studying and will be done my classes in September 2012 and will be eligible to student teach (3 months) immediately, or in the Spring (March) of 2013. I’m really enjoying the practical side of my studies right now, because it all teaching related and is making me feel more and more prepared to teach. I have also been observing teachers teach, as an intern, and accumulating field experience hours – which is a requirement. It is really fun to be in the classroom, and I so very excited to be done studying and to be able to start teaching!!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it in a previous post or not, but I started attending a women’s bible study with a friend of mine, Melissa. She goes to a different church and invited me to join her and the EPIC ladies for their bible study on Tuesday nights… and boy am I glad that I did! 🙂 I have met some wonderful women of God who have been an amazing source of support, encouragement, and friendship.

Matt and I have done a couple things around the house – we planted a little garden in our front yard… (I’ll update this post with a photo in the near future – so keep an eye out)… we replaced our fridge and dishwasher…. Matt installed a garbage disposal and finally put in the new faucets (taps for you South African’s reading this! 😛 ) in the bathroom… (so I will also update with some pics of the bathroom “renovations” we did… nothing big, we painted and replaced the medicine cabinet)

Also, we were asked to lead our church’s young couple’s monthly socials – which is fun and has been going well so far. We are trying to think of ways to get more of the couple’s to come out…

Matt and I have decided to learn Spanish – for outreach purposes, and for me – to help with teaching English Language Learners who speak Spanish. I also think that having the ability to speak Spanish on my resume will only benefit me when I start looking for a teaching position.

Well… I think that may just be it… I had a great birthday last month, Matt spoiled me with some awesome photography gadges — umbrella lights, lens hood, and camera remote. Along with some other fun goodies.

Sorry for the delay, and the very brief update… but I hope this finds you all well, and I will try to post/blog more often.

Much love & peace


One thought on “>Overdue Update

  1. Wow u are very busy sounds like you’re enjoying all nice to hear. What age will u be teaching?Let me know that I’m using you’re blog correctly please that u can see my comments thanks lots of love xx can’t wait for all the pics

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