Hi everyone,

So – how do you like my blog’s new “look” and “home”?

I am hoping to use this more often and to keep you informed about all the different facets of my life…including my photography, faith, and love of music. Give me some time to get used to the new format… the look of my blog may change, depending on whether I like this design/template as I use it more…

Also – please subscribe to receive updates via email – that way you will know as soon as I post something new! Or, if you use an rss reader – you can add my blog to your feed.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way… time for a quick update…

Matt and I had a great weekend…

On Friday night we were meant to have a couple’s social, but no one was able to make it, so we had a little date night. Matt grilled some pork chops and made some green bean casserole – yum! And we watched an old movie – Contact; with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey… I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Then, on Saturday I went to a friend of mine’s bridal shower – it was awesome! Her talented sister made Moroccan food, which was to die for! And, overall it was a fun afternoon celebrating Mary’s upcoming nuptials. Afterwards, hubby and I went and had Father’s Day dinner with his parents.

On Sunday hubby was at a soccer game all afternoon…so, after church, I napped! When I should have been doing school work… which I took care of later.. After hubby got back home we got some ‘Turtle Blasts’ from DD (Dunkin Donuts) and relaxed on the front porch watching fire-flies and chatting.

This week is going to be crazy for me:

Monday night: Cookout with my old host family and their visiting family.

Tuesday night: Bible study with the ladies.

Wednesday night: I am doing the Kids Club at church… My first time, and by myself… a little nervous, but also excited for the opportunity to work with the kids and get some sort of “classroom-type” experience.

Thursday night: Dinner with the in-laws.

Friday night: We’re going into DC to watch The Parolotones perform with The Daylights.

Phew!! Excited though – for a fun-filled busy week ahead!

Hope you have something fun planned for the week!

Much love, and peace…


5 thoughts on “Blog-Refresh

  1. Ja very exciting for kelly study and exams all week then breakup day friday she’s in matric this year wow almost there lots of love xx

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