Newest “addiction”

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games book trilogy yet – you are missing out!!!

I was very late with the uptake of this series, but I must say, I am glad that I was, because that meant that I didn’t need to wait months for the second and then third books to come out. I was able to read them one after another… which is what you’ll want to do, because they are so good.

After reading this series I longed for more – so I began looking for more books like it…

Thus – my newest discovery:

Dystopian novels! Dystopian novels are basically books set in a time where society has become a mess – the government is either no more, or it’s very different and just life in general is very warped and different to what we know.

I read another dystopian novel called ‘Divergent’, which was also great!!

These books are fascinating, because of the way society is depicted… and also, because they are exciting and if they’re well written – the characters are excellently developed and intriguing!

For those of you who don’t enjoy reading – The Hunger Games movie is coming out at the end of the year, and I hope it lives up to the book and you are able to experience the awesomeness that is ‘The Hunger Games’!! 🙂


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