Hurricanes and earthquakes and tornadoes OH MY!

So one week ago today (Tuesday) we had an earthquake (well – we didn’t, West Virginia did – but we felt it), and then on Saturday and into Sunday we had a hurricane (well – we didn’t, the areas along the coast did – but we felt the effects of it), and along with that hurricane came a few tornadoes (well – yes, since we didn’t really experience the full hurricane, we also did not have any tornadoes ourselves, but nearby states did).


Ok – if you were hooked by the title of this post… no hard feelings if you turn away now, due to “false advertising”… no – we did not actually experience the full brunt of those three things… but we were affected by two out of the three.

Tuesday afternoon I was at work, sitting doing some school work while Big E (age 5) was doing practicing her math… when all of a sudden there was a slight shaking… and the glasses in the cabinets were rattling a little along with the chandelier in the dining room… I was trying to wrap my head around what was happening when Big E sighed and said “Lil E (age 3.5) is awake” …

[You see, sometimes when Lil E wakes up from her nap upstairs, she jumps around a little, and this rattles the chandelier]

…I sort of laughed and said “no, I think that is an earthquake”… then it got pretty bad, as in, you could distinctly feel the the ground moving… I quickly got Big E to get under the kitchen table and headed up to wake Lil E up from her nap… by the time I had woken her up, it was over. I will admit, my heart was pounding and I was a little shaky. There is nothing quite like feeling the earth move under your feet and not being able to do anything about it.

It turns out the earthquake center was in West Virginia… and it was a 5.9… not only that, it was so deep down in the earth that it was felt as far up as Ontario Canada!! (New York and Boston felt it too).

West Virginia in relation to Maryland

The only “evidence” that anything even happened was a photo frame that I have on my desk at home was knocked down – nothing fell off the walls or even moved significantly enough to be noticed.

Then – we have hurricane Irene… When it comes to hurricanes, you just never know how bad it is actually going to be until it/she arrives. It usually depends on what path she takes and whether she makes landfall or not. So – we spent our Saturday afternoon preparing…just in case.

We pushed all our outdoor furniture to one end of our deck, with the heavier pieces around the edges to limit the amount of movement that could be caused by the wind. We cleaned out the gutters to prepare for all the rain. I even moved my car out from under our tree’s branch – just in case. Turns out, we got a whole lot of rain… and quite a bit of wind…. but nothing as bad as the locations where Irene made landfall. Those areas also experienced some tornadoes, which caused significant damage.

So – we were lucky… even though we were a little disappointed after all the “hype” Irene created… we are grateful that we did not experience any damage causing weather!!

At the beginning of August we went to visit a friend at the coast … It was a great couple of days spent at the beach, playing adventure golf and jenga, and just hanging out. The area where Chelsea (the friend! (: ) lives is beautiful and the people around there are so friendly. It was an awesome weekend! So sad – because Chelsea is leaving for grad school in California next week, but I know that the opportunity is such a blessing and an answered prayer – so I am happy and excited for her!! 🙂

Another friend who recently moved away is Michelle… Both these ladies have been awesome sources of support and friendship and I will truly miss them!!

The pic below is of Michelle (left), Chelsea (center), and I (right) at Melissa’s wedding. It is such a random photo – but I absolutely love it! 🙂

I hope to post again soon with some more updates!!


One thought on “Hurricanes and earthquakes and tornadoes OH MY!

  1. Hi Bon.

    wow. so glad to have found your blogspot! not without alot of searching though. 🙂 i have now awarded you a space on my favourites tab.

    i hope you are all well and am sending my love


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